Skyscrapers, tunnels, caves – who does not fancy them – the architectural marvels that stand out in a crowd of manmade structures? But nothing quite demonstrates the scientific and architectural finesse that goes into designing and building a bridge. 

Bridges for centuries have been a man’s friend, but there are some of them that are built with such precision and skill, it could have made Leonardo da Vinci skip a heartbeat (or two maybe).

To prove our point here is a list of 11 crazy, jaw-dropping and totally mindboggling bridges.

1. Oresund Bridge, Sweden

This bridge starts off from Sweden as a cable-stayed bridge and ends in Denmark as an underwater tunnel.

This bridge joins Sweden and Denmark and crosses through the Oresund Strait. It starts off as a cable-stayed bridge in Sweden and then turns into an underwater tunnel, and ends as one in Denmark. Oh, and a small artificial island was built around the tunnel’s entrance so that water does not creep in. Functional and running, this bridge stands as a proof that human minds are just invincible and at times, mad. An absolute stunner!

2. Rolling Bridge, England

The octagonal shape rolls out into a bridge every Friday.

What makes this bridge so unique is how every Friday, the octagonal shape rolls out to reveal itself as a bridge only to curl itself back up into its original form. It is almost as if you were unrolling a jam-roll into a thin strip (minus the many layers). Neat and obviously crazy, it uses hydraulics to awe us all with those tricks.

3. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

This bridge is so steep it looks like it is perpendicular to the ground.

The 44 meter tall Eshima Ohashi bridge was constructed to let ships pass underneath, which is why the steep, abrupt inclines from the banks of Lake Nakaumi are necessary – and they have clearly taken the steep part god damn seriously. People descending into the two cities linked by the bridge get a panoramic view of the landscape (and sure as hell, some major head-spins). The image (below) is enough to send stomach-churning chills down your body.

4. Henderson Waves Bridge, Singapore

It is the world’s highest pedestrian bridge and connects three hills.

Henderson Waves Bridge is Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge and makes for a beautiful 9-kilometer trail amidst a lush open space that connects the hills of Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Kent Ridge Park. This architectural marvel is a 274 meter-long and 8 meter-wide part of the Southern Ridges. Quite a beauty of a bridge there!

5. Pont De Singe, U.K.

This bridge is suspended in the air by three helium balloons.

A bridge is suspended in the air by three helium balloons! (That’s it! Three helium balloons!) Constructed in 2012, Pont de Singe (which translates to ‘Monkey’s Bridge’) can hold only one human at a time. Do you dare to be that one human it promises to carry at a time? If you do, please let us know how wise you were and if not, well let’s just stick to swim over!

6. Chengyang Bridge, China

Not a single nail was used in the construction of this bridge.

This bridge, built over the Linxi river in 1916 by the Dong people, houses five separate pagoda structures with porches and pavilions. It sports a traditional look and makes for a beautiful bridge BUT the mindblowing part about this bridge is that during construction, not a single nail was used, relying instead on some totally amazing architectural tricks. Sound like the origami of bridges!