Sponsored by Havells

You might think of the storeroom or the garage but sadly it’s the ceiling which never gets the required attention. While we try really hard that the four walls start reflecting us through decor and wall art yet somehow our attention never falls on the ceiling. Don’t forget how it has been the best listener on those lonely nights when you were speaking your heart out to it. Quite unfair, no?  

What according to you is the most underrated corner of your house?

Time to address the ceiling-in-the-room…

From labelling the walls with our hobby to giving them an aesthetic touch, we apply every wall art permutation to turn our homes into us. This short yet thoughtful video by Havells perfectly describes how we get so busy in accessorizing the four walls that we forget about the one at the very top. Fret not folks, because Havells has launched a new range of designer fans which are going to light up your fifth wall. Watch the video to know how ceilings can add the extra spark to your home.