When the pitter-patter of rain is heard, we run out and let the rain soak our clothes, and more often than not, our souls. Rains bring the kid in us back to life, and how! The fresh earthy smell and the sound of the rain pouring down is the most soothing combination that life offers. It leaves behind a really picturesque scene too – with the greenery becoming more vibrant, the chirping birds and the pleasant breeze, leaving us rejuvenated like nothing else can. Everything seems as if it has come to life. In simple terms, it’s just too beautiful.

Well, the words associated with rain are as fascinating and poetic as rain itself. 

Here are 25 different ways to say rain which will definitely leave you craving for grey clouds and remind you of all the fond memories made beneath the showering skies.

Now that you have been thoroughly educated about different words for rain, how about stepping out when it pours the next time? Don’t forget some puddle jumping and dancing!

Designs by : Disha Bhanot