Sponsored by Cello Marky

Summer vacations are nothing but an escape from the mundane timetable. But, let’s face it, after hours of binge-watching, binge-sleeping and binge-eating, we’re often left with nothing fun to do. “What do I do now?” becomes a question more important than life itself, as we delve deeper into this summertime existential crisis. Worry no more. We got a list of things hidden up our sleeves. Here are some amazing DIYs that are really simple yet nifty. All you need is the new range of Permanent Markers by Cello Marky and you are ready to rock ‘n roll (and doodle). And if you thought you could just highlight and mark stuff on paper, get ready to express your creativity beyond it. 

1. Colour ‘dem shades and turn the world neon-ish

You can easily put a spin on your shades and paint the world in your favourite colour. Wear these shades at night and get a 3D version of the world. Quite a hack, right? 

2. Scribble fancy quotes on a flower vase

Doodle your favourite verse or that whimsical character from your dream on a flower vase. Or, you can just write the word that defines you to give it a more personalized look. So simple. So stunning.

3.  Turn boring jars into works of art

What can be better than doodling on your I-always-have-my-drinks-in-this-jar-glass? Clearly, this one is your companion in which you relish your favourite juices and shakes when it comes to defeating the summers. This way you will add your personal tone to this jar and let it speak for yourself. *Do me a favour, and hold my fancy jar*

4. Jazz them shoes up

Look at these cute loafers. Well, you can easily put a spin on your plain white kicks and transform them into this beaut with only a blue Marky. Now, how about that?

5. Personalize ‘dem makeup pouches

Take your makeup pouch and a couple of Cello Marky pens and let your ideas run wild. Whether you go for the blue lagoon or the Hulk green, you will be able to design your own canvas to confess your love for makeup.

6. Doodle your heart out on phone covers

Ok now come on! That’s not even a suggestion. I mean, most of us already doodle on the back of our smartphone cases already. Paint your colourful thoughts and design your own back covers. Pretty cool, right?

7. Create your own art piece

You can doodle your quaint imagination and create a completely new art piece. Just so when you are bored, all you need is to pick up your Cello Marky and creating. What’s better than indulging in the art to make the best use of your time, amirite?

8. Design walls that will reflect the artist in you

Create beautiful wallpapers and let your artistic skills fill your home. A nifty little Marky pen can give a complete makeover to your place and trust me it’s totally worth it. Pro tip: You can even pin your favourite quote on the wall with some fairy lights and it will be your perfect little corner. 

So what are you waiting for? Put on your creative glasses and keep the pair of markers ready. Your summer break is sorted. Get your Cello Marky here