Whether it’s driving at breakneck speed on a busy highway, drunk dialing an ex or doing a push-up challenge for Facebook, we’ve all done some crazy stuff after getting drunk. But what about when you’re high? Ever wonder what kind of shenanigans stoners get up to? Well, even if you haven’t we’re going to tell you anyway.

And if you make it to the end, there’s a surprise waiting for you!

1. Have you ever licked a cat?

Remember. You are what you eat.

2. Have you ever chased a deer?

Hey look, Maricha’s back.

3. Have you ever stalked the police?

To be fair, it probably would work.

4. Have you ever walked away in the middle of sex?


5. Have you ever seen a silent film?

This is why lip-reading is a legit skill.

6. Have you ever used a goat as deodorant?

Goatbro has your back.

7. Have you ever looked all over for your glasses while they were on top of your head?

Jinkies! Where are my glasses?

8. Have you ever fought with someone over momos?

Always look both ways before crossing the momo-vala.

9. Have you ever asked your mother if she tokes?

When it comes to weed, mums the word.

10. Have you ever jammed with your tummy?

If you see someone with a red tummy, you know what went down.

11.  Have you ever recreated a scene from The Lion King?

It’s a whole different movie when you’re high. So I’ve heard.

12. Have you ever gotten stuck on a tree?

A new meaning to the phrase ‘Getting High’.

13. Have you ever cock-blocked your friend?

Damn, dude. PHRASING!

14. Have you ever ridden a cycle in your sleep. For two days?

I got nothing. This actually sounds like a lot of fun.

Congratulations on making it to the end! We hope you had a fun ride and here’s the surprise you were promised. If you get why this video is here, you’re awesome!

Stories courtesy of Stoner Confessions.

Designs by Disha Bhanot.