The bride is getting dressed, the groom is wearing his pagdi, the kids are running around in their new clothes and the uncles and aunties are busy picking on the single girl. What else are Indian shaadis for, after all? Most uncles and aunties think it is their farz to pick on us poor, single girls at weddings. Because, by god, if we don’t get married, national calamity hojaegi bhai sahab!

These aunty uncles either tell you how you’ve reached the ‘marriageable age’ and should get going or try to set you up with their grandson who’s settled in Amrika and has a green card as well. No matter what religion or region you belong to, this one thing is a topic that every single girl of ‘marriageable age’ will bond over. 

From dissing your hard-earned career to your life choices, our dear, nosy uncles and aunties will shoot down anything that’s keeping us single. If you too belong to this clan, then these honest illustrations are for you.

Dhinchak designs by Aakansha Pushp

The struggle is real, ladies.