City life. These words are immediately associated with chaos and monotony. We’re all running around in this busy world, never taking a break and looking around to see the beauty that lies in the idea of simple joys.  

We’ve forgotten to smile at a stranger, forgotten to pet a cute dog jumping around, forgotten to look up from the phones in our hands, forgotten to dance in the rain, and the most saddening part – forgotten to live a life that we actually like living.

A London-based photographer, Slinkachu, recently took on a project called the ‘Little People Project’ to make us understand and appreciate the little things we often tend to overlook.

Here are some of the best pictures from the project:

We’re hearing the music, but do we ever listen to the story behind it ?

The material possessions we attach ourselves to can vanish at the blink of an eye.

The things we seem to ignore are the real priceless gems.

We’ve become so uncaring about the implications of our actions on others.

We don’t need exotic destinations or expensive holidays to make memories. 

We need to sit back and chill. Plain and simple.

We’re looking for things unattainable, when there’s so much we already have.

There’s always going to be a 5 year old side to us, just dying to come out.

Growing up is way more fun than being grown up. Appreciate the journey to this moment.

A skateboard used to be enough to make us feel invincible.

You made this playground you’re sitting and crying in. That’s life.

Don’t be the person waiting for instructions. Groove to your own beat.

Step out of your mechanized world and breathe for a while. It’s much more fun. 

Source: Slinkachu