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Asian Paints’ web series “Where The Heart Is” is about the individual interior decoration tastes of various celebrities. These houses reflect the distinct personalities of each celeb which could easily be seen by how tastefully their houses are done up. We take you inside these charming and cozy pads that’ll make you wish you owned one just like them.     

From Masaba and Neena Gupta’s minimalist-chic pad to Boman Irani’s Parsi-inspired home, here’s a sneak-peek of plush celebrity houses that are giving us major architecture inspiration!        

1. Simplicity is elegance at John Abraham’s home  

Voted as one of the best celebrity homes by the Indian Institute of Architecture, it truly lives up to the billing. With clean lines and floor to ceiling glasses to let the light in, it’s a breath of fresh air! A dining area made out of one dead tree reflects John’s philosophy of being close to nature. The wardrobe is John’s favourite section, where he keeps helmets with a signature from the most famous bikers from around the world. 

2. Boman Irani’s Sanctuary 

We enter the Iranis’ living room where warm colours form the backdrop for art that pops off the wall. Boman Irani’s house takes influences from old Parsi houses and combines it with the amenities and sensibilities of a contemporary home.      

3. Masaba and Neena Gupta’s minimalistic house

Masaba and Neena’s home will give you an old school calming vibe. The balcony doesn’t have too many plants but just enough to refresh Neena when she takes her cup of chai. Her very, very old almirah is something that really defines her room. The quirky dressing room fits adds to the inrigue of the house.        

4. Sushant Singh Rajput takes us stargazing from his balcony

Sushant’s living room is an amalgamation of vibrant colours and even more vibrant stories. One can often find him in his balcony, peering at the stars with his telescope. A thinking room which is a reader’s paradise is brightened up with the yellow study table. Dreams that have come true and ones he’s grown past lay bare in a stylish theatre room.   

5. Huma Qureshi & Saqib Saleem’s home away from home

As we stroll into Huma and Saqib’s home, a wall filled with pictures of their entire family evokes immmediate nostalgia. A bookshelf and a video games corner co-exist for Huma and Saqib respectively where they unwind. A terrace where Huma escapes the hustle and bustle of Bombay with an early morning cup of coffee caps off this picturesque home perfectly.         

6. Kajal Agarwal’s hip apartment  

Kajal Agarwal’s plush Bombay apartment incorporates artsy hand-painted designs and customized furniture. The semi-circular brick wall in the middle of the house, the silhouettes on the pillars and the intricate metalwork done on the floors and walls says a lot about her attention to little details.           

7. Kalki Koechlin’s Enchanting Home   

Kalki Koechlin’s home is as much a reflection of her Mom as it is of her French-Tamilian heritage. With recycled Tamilian style pillars holding the house up and a lounge area that opens up completely to let all the light come in. Kalki’s bedroom is warm and vibrant with a closet full of clothes from her teenage years to pick and choose from. Cool, right? 

8. Sunil Chhetri’s unplanned sanctuary

As soon as you enter Sunil Chhetri’s house, you see the kitchen, the dining table and the living room all tucked in between pillars that prop up the house with elegant furniture adding depth to each section of the house. There’s also a small kitchen garden which is growing into a herb garden soon. Sunil’s office is littered with awards and memorabilia that he has accumulated over his illustrious career.         

9. We take a look at Gaurav Kapur and Kirat Bhattal’s soulful dwelling

The first few things you notice upon entering Gaurav and Kirat’s home are the neutral colours, ample lighting and the accents that enrich the minimal decor. The chair and refrigerator magnets are Gaurav’s prized possessions. The bedroom has a four post bed with a couch around the window providing a spot to chill for Kirat.   

10. Dada invites us into his palatial home

Sourav Ganguly’s 64 year old home is truly a walk down memory lane. The house is covered with warm colours with light cascading into each room. From the dining room to the TV room, the majestic furniture in each room holds fond memories for the Ganguly family. Be it the corner where Dada starts his mornings or the trophy room which is a homage to Dada’s legacy, there’s a story around every corner.     

11. Mandira’s Rama  

A triangular plot of land is where it all started for Mandira Bedi and her husband. A structure which was a work in progress for a year after they signed the deeds is now their home. From the chaotic bookshelf to the calming blue in her child’s room along with the pictures of her and her husband in a dramatic Sholay-esque pose, every part of the house fits in her family.           

12. Rana Daggubati’s cinematic experience  

Rana Daggubati’s house truly screams cinema. As soon as we enter, we find a large theatre room where Rana spends most of his time with a calming solitude corner to read a book or two in. It’s followed by Rana’s office which is littered with film memorabilia that’s shaped the way he views movies now. Rana’s home is truly a cinematic experience in itself.     

13. Pernia Qureshi’s Pop Up home  

As we enter Pernia’s home, an array of furniture greets us. The inviting “World’s Longest Couch” is placed adjacent to a magnificent view of the city of Mumbai. The house is littered with neutral colours that bring a sense of peace. A makeup station which would make every girl envious is up next, equipped with a selfie station for all of Pernia’s looks. Pernia’s home truly pops with her style gracing every nook and corner.   

14. Prosenjit Chatterjee’s perfect frame   

An old house which inspires a retro feel is what Prosenjit Chatterjee calls home. The house has been opened up to capture its depth from any angle you view it from. You can see Prosenjit’s favourite colours beige and ash throughout the house. The place truly has a sense of history to it. One of Bengal’s most prodigal sons, Satyajit Ray has shot a movie there, much to the dismay of Prosenjit’s architects.

15. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla’s reflection

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla’s home is truly a reflection of their imagination; with water lily installations taking over the high ceilings in their vast Portuguese villa. Their home is about objects that have captured their fancy. Each room is layered with distinctive objects that are conversation starters in their own right. Throughout their abode, you can see how their style has been expressed in every section of the house.      

16. Dinesh Karthik and Dipika Karthik’s nest 

The Karthik’s house is a freestyle home which captures their spirit and attitude towards life. With sports being key to both of them, the kit room is more important than any other closet in their home and the one which holds Dipika’s awards also holds a special place in her heart.         

17. Radhika Apte gives us a sneak peak into her cozy home

Radhika Apte’s minimalist home is the perfect marriage between contemporary and antique. The ‘borrowed’ antique furniture sits comfortably around the house, each holding memories to spark off hour long conversations at parties.

18. Monica Dogra’s Hobbit house

As Monica guides us through her space, we get to see the duality in her house. The attic is a cozy corner that takes you to another dimension. Her work desk is made of distressed wood and is a free-flowing space for her to ideate upon. As she takes us through her home, you can sense a calming vibe that simply lets you be.    

19. Anirudh Ravichander’s home imbibes traditions and culture

This expansive house which also features a theatre room with pictures galore is a space made for memories. He guides us through his bedroom which has a quaint setting with a mattress on the floor. Yes, he likes sleeping on the floor. There are also many pictures of “Thaliava” aka, Rajinikanth in the house.

20. The Zoya factor

Zoya Akhtar’s home captures her unique sense of style and is enriched with heirlooms which tell the history of Bollywood. She hoards all her movies and her memories of writing and watching movies in her living room. We then enter her bedroom, her sleep sanctum which overlooks the serene sea and a garden which will leave you feeling completely at peace. 

21. Mini Mathur and Kabir Khan’s something old 

Kabir and Mini’s home is littered with furniture made out of distressed wood and doesn’t really follow a theme. The house which was bought as a work in progress has now turned into a home with a Santorini style patio that covers the piping on the terrace. An open kitchen where both the conversation and food is always flowing is followed by a bedroom which opens up into a terrace and is the defacto dance room during parties.