Dining out is always a treat.

Bored of home meals, we often look for new restaurants in town, seeking another food pleasure experience. We visit our regular joints whenever we can. And let’s not forget the guilty favourites, even if they’re expensive as hell.

For us, they’re indulgent breaks. But for restaurants, they’re daily business.

After all, every eatery is just another business. The more profitable it is, the better. To make money and build popularity, these enterprises use a number of tricks to lure more customers.

Be it over-the-top menus, sophisticated ambiences or elite etiquette, there’s always a way to create an image the unsuspecting customer will buy into. It’s time you knew about these hacks. They’re so easy to look through but we never really think about these things.

Go out and attack your dish but don’t be fooled while doing so!

Whatever lightens your pocket must at least look the part.

Selling in the name of your feelings.

Who’s splitting the portions, please?

Now you know where to glance first.

Let’s be classy, shall we?

Obviously you don’t want to look cheap.

There’s not much a difference, FYI.

Start the other way round next time.

Wine, dine and shine.

Just a number.