MS Dhoni doesn't really like being asked about his retirement but maintained, just like he has before, that he could play at least until the 2019 World Cup.

The former skipper has already retired from Tests but wants to keep going in limited overs. He also likened himself to a 'vintage car'.

Speaking at a promotional event, Dhoni admitted that "a lot could change" in two years, but mentioned that his fitness levels could well take him beyond the 2019 World Cup mark he has spoken about multiple times.

“Looking at everything how it is going through, definitely. But as I said, a lot can happen in two years. Yes, the way I am today, I can easily go beyond the 2019 World Cup,” Dhoni said.

But Dhoni is always cryptic - and spoke about a rough schedule having to be managed properly - much like how footballers - or in this case, vintage cars - need to be taken care of.

“There’s is nothing called 100 per cent. The reason being, two years is a long time. A lot can change in two years, especially seeing India cricket team’s schedule, it is a very tough schedule. Uske baad aap thode vintage car ban jate hai (After that you become a vintage car). A lot of caring is needed," he said.

Feature image source: PTI