"Hey, so I'll see you around 5?"

"Sure, but can you just make sure you keep your dog tied up?"

"Umm, how about no?"

I cannot even begin to count the number of times I've had this conversation with people who I no longer want to be friends with. I understand your fear but what I don't understand is why you are blatantly dissing my dog.

I get it. You've never been around dogs but as a person who has ever since I was a baby, here's a lesson for you, you'll be fine.

And knowing nothing about dogs and still asking me to tie him up is uncalled for. Here's why.

For instance, I might not like kids but I wouldn't go to people's houses and expect them to restrain their children no matter how uncomfortable I am in their presence.

If the dog is sitting quietly in a corner or even if he's moving around a little, as long as he's not bothering you, let him be.

Also, please keep this in mind that my dog lives here. It's HIS house. YOU are the guest here.

And when I'm taking responsibility of my pupper and telling you confidently that he won't bother you, have faith in my upbringing. Please don't give me the "yaar par what if he suddenly bites me?"

No, he won't bite. 

I understand you're scared right now and even if my dog wants to play with you, I'll ensure that he maintains his distance. So if he's not even in close proximity to you, how will he bite you?

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 But then again, you'd go like,

"Yaar woh kitna bhaunk raha hai!"

To which I say,

He's a dog. That's what they do.

You may not be used to this environment, but please don't complain about dog hair on my things.

I understand it might be unusual for you but I've made my peace with it. Please don't make me feel bad about my house being dirty because you can't expect a house with a dog to have no dog hair. 

And what is with this, "Your house smells like a dog." A dog lives here! Of course, it's gonna smell like a dog!

It's not like you didn't know what you were getting into. It's not like you showed up at my house and I was BTW, surprise, dog!

The first thing I tell people when they plan on coming over is that 'I am just letting you know I have a dog.'

I tell you that so that you're prepared for it. But you mistake it for, 'Oh achha theek hai toh usse baandh dena.'

While I empathise with people who are genuinely scared of dogs, I don't get people who say, 'Oh, I hate dogs'.

You don't say that to someone whose house you're in while the dog is sitting right in front of you.

It's like telling a mother, "I don't like your child."

Know that, my dog is my baby. He's not just a pet. He's my companion and I treat him with love and affection just like I'd treat a family member.

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So, the next time you want to go to someone's house and they have a dog and you want them to tie up their dog, refrain from voicing it, maybe?

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