A recent study suggests that by 2050 oceans will contain more plastic than fish. You know, plastics are definitely durable and flexible but they are not good for the environment. Yes, plastic bags are easily available but they are non-biodegradable and cannot be recycled as well. So, lets do something good for the environment and switch to eco-friendly alternatives that we can use to lessen the negative impact on Mother nature. 

1. Glass 

Unlike plastics, glass is a renewable thing that is made from sand and not fossil fuels. Glass can easily be recycled and converted into new bottles and reused as glass jars for storage. 

Source: sha.org

2. Reusable Shopping Bags

Most shops give reusable shopping bags as alternatives these days. These bags are mostly made of canvas, cotton, hemp, leather, fiber and woven plastics. You can always fold these bags into a pouch and put it in your pocket. 

Source: buylibertybags.com

3. Liquid Wood 

This biodegradable product looks, feels and acts like plastic and is suitable for packaging various products. Liquid wood is mostly used to make toys, hi-fi speaker boxes and golf tees. 

Source: semprenatics.com

4. Chicken Feathers

Chicken feathers is used to make water-resistant thermoplastic as it consists of keratin, a tough and durable protein like plastics. Making thermoplastic is cost-effective, biodegradable and renewable. 

Source: topnews.in

5. Plastic Additives 

Nowadays, biodegradable thermoplastics are being made by using metal compound additives called prodegradant concentrates (PDCs). These additives are used to produce food containers, disposable diapers, landfill covers and thin plastic shopping bags. 

Source: plasprintpack.com

6. PHA Polyesters

In case you didn't know, PHA polyesters are biodegradable plastics that resemble man-made polypropylene. This is usually used in making plastic films and injection-molded bottles.

Source: edition.cnn.com

Say goodbye to plastic bags.