Animals are not safe even in the areas dedicated for their conservation. A recent incident in Odisha claimed the lives of at least 7 elephants.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, seven elephants died of electrocution in Dhenkanal district of Odisha. These elephants had ventured out in search of food when they came in contact with a 11KV power line laid by the railway department for track construction work.

Source: NDTV

The incident happened in night and the elephants' carcasses were spotted by the villagers near the village nallah, next morning. While three carcasses were lying on a road, four others were inside a canal.

Despite the fact that Dhenkanal is a dedicated elephant corridor, these deaths could not be prevented due to the negligence of the forest officials.

Source: Swarajyamag

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Dr. Biswajit Mohanty of Wildlife Society of Odisha, said: 

We have repeatedly told the forest department about 200 spots in Dhenkanal where high voltage power lines are sagging and could endanger the lives of elephants, but no action has been taken. The deaths are unpardonable.

Electrocution is one of the major reasons of elephant deaths in Odisha and as many as 102 elephants have been killed due to it since April 2010.

Source: The Hindu

It is also reported that this is the highest casualty of elephants in a single incident in Odisha. 

It is high time we stop being careless about protecting the wildlife, else such incidents will take a toll on the innocent animals.