What is worse than sitting expectantly for two and a half hours only to find that you chose a bad movie to watch? Watching a good movie with a bad ending. It sucks. Don’t you start thinking that oh how you’re going to tell everyone what an ah-maah-zing movie you’ve just watched? But boom. There comes the chocolate maggi-esque climax and you’re like, “tauba tauba saara mood kharaab kar diya“.

Well, here are the 10 Bollywood movies with their unapologetic endings that we can never forgive. Or forget. 

1. Talaash

Keeping the mini heart attack aside that I got on watching Kareena in the rear-view mirror during the climax, the biiig relevation of Talaash sucked. Big time. Like dude, you built up such suspense and anticipation, only to get away with the easiest good ol’ trick: surprise, ghost story. Crime thriller. Good. Natural cast. Gooood. Supernatural element. BAAAAAAD.


2. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Not gonna lie: YJHD is my comfort movie for a light watch any day. But Bunny. Bunny. Oh god, that dude was an unforgivable jerk the whole time. But still Naina, oh you poor girl, she decided to give him a full gift hamper of chances that he can access unlimited number of times. Get a grip, come on. 

A Drop Of Blood

3. Delhi-6

Don’t get me started on this ending. Swarg, apsara, jalebis, desi Easter. Spoilers without context. I mean, couldn’t they have thought of ANYTHING else than this shit? Abhishek goes to a random terrace to have jalebis with his dead grandpa and viola! Consumes the jalebi that can resurrect you.

Cosmopolitan India

4. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Okay, I agree that this whole film was a problematic carnival, but always a go-to for cliched Bollywood romance. But the end just makes me wanna blow up n’ throw up. WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANJALI GO BACK TO THAT ASS OF A PERSON RAHUL AND DITCH AMAN, THE GOOD GUY? Ugh, bad bois era never goes out of style, does it?


5. Paa

The ending was jerky symbolism at max. What do couples go round when they have pheras? Fire, right. What is done to people who die? They are cremated. Which uses fire. So why not take pheras around a to-be pyre? Auro’s parents get “married” around his deathbed. Insensitivity at maxxxx.


6. Padmaavat

The whole thing of making Khalji look like a distraught lover who couldn’t ‘save’ his lover as he cries at the gate was just oh-my-god (in Janice’s voice). And please, we didn’t want jauhar to be SO much glamourized. It was just a patriarchal society’s regressive so-called ‘solution’ for honour’s sake. 

Filme Shilmy

7. Cocktail

Another Parvati over Poo Bollywood stereotype, where a sundar-susheel-sanskaari ladki gets a supposedly happy ending and gets married, while the un-sanskaari gets ditched, because she parties and is free-spirited. What’s more, this girl even helps the couple get hitched because, Harishchandra who?


8. Aashiqui 2

No, a hundred times no. This movie was not supposed to end this way. The suicide option wasn’t required. Why, Rahul could’ve gotten some help or get rehabilitated somehow. This way the audience would also have received the message that suicide is never an option, and you can get out of drug and alcohol abuse. Par nahi.


9. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Yet another movie with the Bollywood fixation-on-physical-appearances trope, this film really needed help. Like how could Taani not recognize her own husband, and it took a mustache and glasses to conceal the identity. And socho, if by any chance Raj would’ve been another person altogether, then Suri would just be a wallflower. Like why?


10. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

How do you throw a character out of the plot so that everything wannabe falls in place? By killing them with cancer. The climax scene was just the makers pushing in an emotional, teary-eyed meet before the girl is killed. Basic Bollywood.  

LOL: Life of Leo

Don’t you think if we got our deserved better endings we’d have these movies as our favourites? Like maybe.