In association with AXE

College romances hold a special place in our hearts. How can we say this? Because we might not know the answer to a fifteen mark question in our exam papers, but we do know how to flatter a certain Miss Braganza with the mushiest definition of love. 

*Pyaar dosti hai* 

From holding hands under the table to stealing glances at the corridor, one will never experience romance again like a college student in love. It’s pure, full of thrills and the best feeling ever. Which is why to kindle the special feeling this Valentine’s Day, Axe in association with MX Player has come out with an interactive movie called ‘The Right Click‘, a budding digital college romance where we decide the course of how the leading characters fall in love!  

And while this movie lets us have some fun making love choices in reel life, we shouldn’t lose sight of how it gives us some pretty sleepless nights in real life. Just like these 10 things which you’ll definitely relate to if you’re still in college and in loouve

1. We’re dressed to the nines every single day!

2. Not just romantic, but they also become our assignment partners.

3. We save a seat for them everywhere we go. 

4. We beg our friends for proxy attendence to go for movie and lunch dates.

5. We sacrifice our sleep to coordinate metro schedules on our way to college. 

6. Before graduation we already hold a bachelors in lying to get out of plans with friends. 

7. Group trips usually turn to couple-retreats for us. 

8. We secretly daydream about getting married to them someday.

9. We fight and make-up at the rate of four breakups a month. 

10. Going on a date to a fancy restaurant and ordering one dish because that’s all the money we have. 

Be honest. How many of these have you done? These romantic choices in our college life make or break our relationships. Giving us memories we can hold on to for a lifetime. 

Axe and MX Player’s interactive movie, The Right Click lets us enjoy the thrill of living a college romance straight out of Bollywood films. The two central characters of the movie are Ajay and Dia, who are supposed to fall in love with each other based on the choices that we make for them. Super cool right? You can check out the trailer right here. 

This is probably the first time when we can have some fun with making choices and not worry about any consequences. The movie is already live on the MX Player app so check it out right now.