As we all know, actors Rajkummar Rao and Patralekhaa are married. As soon as the news hit the internet, I bet a lot of us jumped up in our seats with excitement. The two have been rumoured to be together since 2010. 


So of course, it’s a mandate that we look back on this couple’s best, most heartwarming moments. They’ve always shown up as an authentic couple, by keeping everything real AF, and honestly relatable too. Take a look. 

1. When he stepped forward to make sure everyone understood that it was him who was honoured to be Patralekhaa’s partner. 

Here in this Tweet, he corrects a post that said that Patralekhaa is Rajkummar Rao’s girlfriend. 

2. Then when he helped his lady love cut her hair. 

We love a couple dynamic where two people trust each other enough to cut each other’s hair. 

3. When the two posted this cute AF photo together. 

We all love two people going to parties and events as each other’s dates. It’s just a good sign to see two people being so open like that. 

4. The fact that Rajkummar Rao always posts the dates they go on just goes to show how proud and happy he is to have Patralekhaa in his life. 

Also, isn’t this just the most perfect date night ever?

5. Clearly the couple likes to travel together. And if you’ve also travelled to Paris and clicked a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower as a couple then, that’s one very romantic milestone to have been crossed. 

6. Then, how these two always post for each other’s birthdays and moments of celebration. 

Just look at the caption ‘Happy birthday to the golden boy with a beautiful heart..’ it is so cute that it makes my heart want to explode. 

Also, take note of how Rajkummar Rao has picked such a stunning photo of Patralekhaa for this post. 

7. When Rajkummar Rao liked this throwback photo of Patralekhaa’s with her girlfriends. 

It’s like he’s crushing on her big time and gushes over everything about her!


8. Then when he expressed his love for her in a literal hand-written letter for Valentine’s Day. 

9. And clearly they have plenty of goofy little moments together too. Which is great because it’s not always about the grand moments. 

10. When the couple took a trip to LA and Rajkummar Rao posted this super romantic photo on his IG.

11. Then when Patralekhaa expressed her love so very openly in this Humans Of Bombay post!

God bless these two! So much love for them!