I think it’s safe to say that Lakshya was one of the best Indian army films to have been made. Especially because it gave so many people such a relatable protagonist. 


And if you’ve always been a fan of the film, then we’ve got quite the list for you. Here are some facts about it, that we’re sure you’d love to know. 

1. While the cast was in Leh, they couldn’t use their mobile phones so everyone would use the landline connection at the end of the day to speak to their families. 


2. It was definitely not easy shooting at such high altitudes because many actors and crew members collapsed due to the lack of oxygen. 

And the conditions were so harsh that scenes that required multiple takes and any kind of running also required for the cast to use oxygen cylinders. 


3. The role of Jalal Akbar was first offered to Arjun Rampal and not Sushant Singh. 


4. Clearly the film was ahead of its time and had a great cast. But it was declared a ‘flop,’ when it had released. 


5. Most of the non-speaking Army roles in the film were played by real-life soldiers of the 13th Battalion, The Punjab Regiment. 


6. The Drill Instructor at IMA, Subedar Srivardan is actually a real-life instructor in the army too. 


7. Aamir Khan had been offered the lead role but turned it down for Mangal Pandey.


8. In the scenes when they were showing Hrithik Roshan in flashbacks, he was actually wearing a wig. 


9. Though the film has been inspired by multiple battalions of the Kargil War, in specific, Lakshya has taken major inspiration from unit 3 Punjab. 


10. This film was the last time that film legends Amrish Puri and Amitabh Bachchan worked together. 


What a legendary film!