There is no doubt that the film industry has churned out some excellent movies and shows this year that made us feel happy and comfortable. Today, we have curated a list of some shows and movies from this year that will make you smile every single time you watch them. So grab a cup of frothy hot chocolate and stream these shows and movies right away!

1. To All The Boys: Always And Forever 

The third and final instalment of the trilogy, this movie was nothing less than an emotional ride. This teen romantic comedy revolves around a teenager who prepares for the end of high school and the start of adulthood, with or without her boyfriend. 

2. Gullak – Season 2 

From an excellent star cast and mellifluous background score to a quirky storyline, this show is surely an underrated gem. Revolving around a typical middle-class family, this show is nothing but purely entertaining. Just like the first season, the second season of the show focuses on the Mishra family and their share of struggles. 

3. Pagglait 

The movie follows the story of a young widow who feels no sorrow after her husband’s demise and her relatives who find it hard to come to terms with her attitude. The movie takes a different turn when she comes across a startling discovery about her late husband.

4. Never Have I Ever – Season 2 

From the struggles of fitting in between two different cultures to voicing every Indian teenager’s unspoken opinions, the story revolves around an Indian-American teenager who is trying to cope with the grief of her father’s sudden death. Throwing off the shackles, the show left every desi in awe.

5. Potluck 

Focusing on a father, who is trying to build a happy relationship with his children, this light-hearted drama highlights the importance of togetherness and family bonding.  

6. Feels Like Ishq 

This anthology consists of six different love stories and it primarily depicts young love between couples. 

7. The Big Day 

Following six glitzy weddings across the globe, this show is a collaborative project between Condé Nast India and Netflix India. 

8. Little Things – Season 4 

The show revolves around a cohabiting millennial couple who navigates the ups and downs of work and modern-day relationships. In this season, the duo navigates questions around commitment, ambitions and family on their final journey. Sadly, it was the last time we saw the magic of Kavya Kulkarni and Dhruv Vats on our screen. 

9. Big Shot 

With a brilliant feel-good story, backed by solid performances, this show instantly takes you back to sports dramas and school life. 

10. Modern Love – Season 2 (Episode 3) 

The episode, which follows Kit Harington and Lucy Boynton as they meet and fall in love on a train, is definitely a must-watch. Their spontaneous romantic adventure instantly made a home in our hearts.

Which show/movie are you watching this weekend?