If the Social Dilemma has spurred all kinds of emotions within you when it comes to all things internet then it’s time you stop and reflect. So, if you want to delve deeper into the subject, here’s a list of documentaries that you can watch, dealing with data mining to privacy leaks. 

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1. The Great Hack 

This documentary revolves around the Cambridge Analytica scandal involving the 2016 US Presidential election. It deals with topics like data mining, data tracking, algorithms and the dark side of social media. Reflecting how companies extract information from people without their consent and use it against them, this documentary questions the existence of social media and the nightmare it has become. 

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2. Connected: The Hidden Science Of Everything 

Latif Nasser is a science journalist who delves into multiple areas that can explain how we are connected to each other. From surveillance to numerical probability, this docuseries explains the connection between us and the universe. 


3. Inside Bill’s Brain 

If you wondered what goes in the mind of Bill Gates then put this on. This 3-part science documentary explains how his mind and motivation works. Sharing with the world, this documentary narrates people who influenced Gates and even touches upon ideas that he’s passionate about.


4. The Joy Of Data 

Hosted by Dr. Hannah Fry, who happens to be a mathematician, this documentary is a delight for anyone who wants to understand how data works. It explains what is data, how its captured, stored and then analyzed. She does this using the story of engineers who although are revolutionary changemakers in this field but aren’t given much recognition. 

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5. The Internet Must Go 

The Internet Must Go is based largely on the topic of Net Neutrality. It reveals that major businesses want us to pay more for the internet so that in the end, they get to control and promote themselves. It revolves around a market researcher named John Wooley who is set out to help bigger ISPs move towards ‘cleaner internet.’


6. Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World 

Taking an existential approach, Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World is all about the effects of the internet on us. Taking on elements like robotics, artificial intelligence, and everything internet, this film features interviews of personalities like Elon Musk, Ted Nelson, Sebastian Thrun etc. 


7. Terms And Conditions May Apply 

It is a known fact that our data is no longer ours. While we may think that we are consenting to share our information while ticking off the ‘Terms And Conditions’ box, this documentary reveals that big companies use it to their advantage. They draft the conditions as per their convenience and get us to sign it because we never really read it. 



Narrating the unfortunate failure of the FYRE music festival which was all set to happen on a posh island, this documentary not only explores the reasons for the festival to turn into a literal ‘shitshow’ but also the impacts of blindly following the ‘influencer culture’ which has gained momentum on social media over the past few years.


9. Plugged In

In an attempt to explore the effects of social media and smartphones on the younger generation, this documentary touches upon the state of the people who are born into a world that is tilted towards technology. Plugged In also looks into the operations of social media that are made to drive people away from each other. 


10. InRealLife

InRealLife is a documentary that talks about issues like lack of privacy, online bullying, internet addiction as they have become a big part of our reality. It acts as a wakeup call for people while reminding them about the ill-effects of the internet before they’re too deep into it.

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Internet is one place where anything is possible and it is time that we see its negative impacts as well.