Big brands and corporations launch TV commercials and advertisements to create chatter around their product. But to create a buzz and grab viewers attention these brands spend a heap loads of money on these ads. 

So, here are the most expensive commercials ever made : 

1. Chanel – The Film ( ₹2,405,865,000 or $33 million)

This ad for Chanel No. 5 perfume was made in 2004 and it still is the most expensive commercial in the world. This 4-minute ad was directed by director Baz Lurhmann and starred Nicole Kidman as a world-famous actress who falls in love with a small-time writer. 

2. Guinness – Tipping Point ( ₹1,16,75,28,000 or $16 million)

This ad, which was shot in a small Argentinian village named Iruya launched in the year 2006. It starts with a series of dominoes that escalates and knocks down books, refrigerators and even cars which ultimately lead upto a large leading up to a large statue of a Guinness pint. 

3. Aviva – Names (₹97,75,90,300 or $13.4 million) 

A British insurance brand previously known as Norwich Union, launched this commercial in 2008. Despite the fact that the commercial wasn’t quite extravagant, it starred Bruce Willis, Ringo Starr, Elle McPherson, and Alice Cooper who talked about how important their name changes had been on the road to stardom.

4. Chrysler – Imported From Detroit (₹87,57,00,000 or $12 Million)

This ad which was launched in 2011 narrated the history of Detroit. But the catch here was that the celeb who introduced the luxury Chrysler 200 and was a part of this narration was world-famous Rapper Eminem. Well, that pretty much worked since Detroit and Eminem have a colourful past. 

5. Bud Light – Up for Whatever (₹87,57,00,000 or $12 Million)

Launched in 2014, this hidden-camera ad revolved around one crazy night in the life of a guy named Ian Rapoport. This awesome ad took Ian from one awesome situation to another which also included a table tennis match with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even though, this ad got some flak on social media after its release, it is pretty wholesome.

6. Carlton Draught – Skytroop Show (₹65,66,40,000 or $9 million) 

This Australian beer brand launched this ad in the year 2008. It revolved around a group of skydivers who jump out of a giant beer can as part of a stadium stunt. Their routine all goes according to plan, but unfortunately, a mishap takes place and causes a great deal of destruction and panic along the way. 

7. Pepsi – Joy of Pepsi (₹59,10,16,500 or $8.1 million)

This ad dropped in 2001 and Britney Spears was at the top of her game that time. So, Pepsi took full advantage of this fact and made a full fledged Britney Spears music video about “the joy of Pepsi.” 

8. Kia – The Truth (₹58,36,28,400 or $8 million) 

This ad was released during the 2014 Super Bowl. It starred actor Laurence Fishburne who reprised his role as Morpheus from The Matrix.  In the commercial, Mr Morpheus helped an upscale couple buy a luxury car and also challenged the notions of what luxury actually is.  

9. Microsoft – Empowering (₹58,36,28,400 or $8 million) 

This ad launched during the 2014 Super Bowl. It emphasized on the many innovations being powered by Microsoft’s technology including technologies like prosthetic limbs and hearing aids that improve people’s everyday quality of life.

10. Jaguar – British Villains (₹58,36,28,400 or $8 million) 

This ad from 2014 starred Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong, and Academy-Award winner Sir Ben Kingsley. All three of them were cast as the stereotypically suave British bad guys who talked about being villain and adding their own style to it. 

A million bucks indeed.