From nailing the character of an intense lover Maddy Shastri in Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein and a dreamer Farhan Qureshi in 3 Idiots to patriot Ajay Singh Rathod in Rang De Basanti, R. Madhavan aced every role with perfection.

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As perfect as he is on-screen, he is remarkably humble off-screen too. Here are some of the reasons how R. Madhavan stole our hearts in real life too. 


1. When he didn’t bother about his image and chose to work in whichever industry he deemed fit.

In conversation with The New Indian Express, he mentioned that he is not at all image-conscious. He says that when he decided to act in 3 Idiots, people told him that he could lose his Tamil audience but he didn’t care. Similarly, when he did Anbe Sivam, people said that his Hindi audience would get affected, but he didn’t care.  

2. When he said that he respects each religion as his own.

In 2019, he shared a picture of himself along with his father and son celebrating Avani Avittam. Someone managed to notice the cross in the background and slammed him by calling him fake. He later took to his TW account and said that he respects every religion as his own.

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3. When he was a proud desi dad who didn’t hesitate to share his son’s proud moments with the world.

Apart from being a great husband and son, he is also a doting father to a teenager son. Vedaant, just like his father, is incredibly talented. In 2019, he bagged three golds and a silver medal at Junior Nationals Swim meet. Just like any desi dad, Madhavan was super proud and shared a clip on his IG. 

4. When his response to an 18-year-old’s wedding proposal was extremely heart-warming.

After posting another oh-so-gorgeous picture of himself on his IG, he was bombarded with several comments. One teenager even wrote, ‘is it wrong that I am 18 and wanna get married to you?’ to which he humbly replied that ‘you will find someone way more worthier.’

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5. Oh well. When he is not acting, he is raising forests.

In 2020, he along with his brother started an eco-friendly project when they came across a barren land in Palani, Tamil Nadu. The land has now been restored and birdlife along with greenery is back in the region.


6. When he gave a befitting reply to the man who blamed him because of Maddy’s role in RHTDM.

Let’s face it, he’s basically the king of giving practical life advice. In 2019, a man from Chennai reached out to him on TW and blamed Maddy’s role in RHTDM (who was an engineer) to be the reason why so many engineering aspirants take it up even though they don’t excel in it. To this, he shot back a fitting reply along with a piece of meaningful advice. 

7. When he was not just a doting father, but also a loyal and supporting husband. 

Before he stole the hearts of gazillion women with his stellar acting and gorgeous smile, he met the love of his life back in 2001. In an age of fleeting romances, he is a complete family man who is committed to his love for 31 long years. According to a report by Republic World, he said that he felt completely incompetent and useless when his wife used to teach poor kids.

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8. When he thanked his family and showcased his love for them with an adorable caption.

In 2016, he put up a picture of the 4 generations of fathers in his family. Captioned as, “Happy father’s day. Thank you appa for showing all of us the true meaning of dignity. If only I could be like you”, the picture had his grandfather, his father and him holding his own son.


9. When he gave an extraordinary speech that explained the real meaning of success.

In 2016, he was invited to GRD Academy of Management in Coimbatore where he gave a poignant speech. Talking about the little things in life that we tend to ignore, his motivational words were simple but engrossing. 

10. When he shared the state of feeling miserable through a post.

In a 4-slide post, he talked about the standstill in one’s career and the panic that follows. He also talked about how one can actively get out of this gloomy state and lift their spirits up by getting out of their comfort zone. 

Dear men, please take notes.