Dil Chahta Hai is one of the most loved films about friendship in Bollywood. But, let’s be honest about Akash aka Aamir Khan in the film. He is the worst part of the film, and if you don’t agree, I’ve got red flags to prove it. 

1. He is a man-child and proud of it! His graduation speech is literally just “who cares” and he sounds like an entitled rich kid, which he is. 

2. He takes away from his friend’s art and uses the opportunity to gloat about his strange relationship with his Economics professor, Miss Kashyap. 

4. He treats women like conquests. 

3. He can’t seem to take no for an answer and goes out of his way to make a show of his charm to a woman who honestly doesn’t even like him. 

Not to mention, he’s such a child that he embarrasses Shalini in front of his entire college, just to get her attention. 

5. He is so spoilt that his parents get fed up of his lack of ambition. And I don’t blame them. 

6. He encourages toxic masculinity. 

7. He has no respect for women – no matter if they are a part of his life or his friend’s. Which is obvious from the way he treats Sameer’s girlfriend and gloats about getting him into ‘trouble’. 

8. Not to mention the way he talks about someone that Sid obviously likes is so disrespectful that you want to go into the film and knock some sense into him. This dude sucks. 

9. Even his friends are embarrassed of his immature behaviour. Which is a huge red flag!

10. Even after he falls in love and understands why Sid felt bad about his comment. Akash doesn’t reach out to Sid until he is at his lowest, and then he finally squeezes out an apology. 

There’s narcissistic, and then there’s Akash.