Women, as much as we love you, there are certain things about men that you NEED to know asap because these gender-segregate expectations are getting ridiculously out of hand.

WARNING: If you’ve found yourself getting offended in the past, we suggest you don’t read further.

1. We know a thing or two about mood swings.

We don’t deal with emotions too well and you’d already know that if our male ego allowed us to express freely.


2. Feelings, brah. Don’t hurt ’em.

You’d be surprised to know how sensitive every guy in your life is. That hot guy at the bar probably cries himself to sleep at night.


3. Humour us.

We love funny women and there ain’t a damn thing anyone can do about it.


4. Size doesn’t matter. Please tell us that sometimes?

It’s like us telling you that you don’t look fat. You may, but we’re considerate like that. We’d appreciate if women start reacting to a penis like this:


5. We don’t always know where to draw the line.

And you ignoring that doesn’t always help. Sometimes we need to know to our face, we’re being dicks. So, tell us.


6. But hey, we’re not all creeps either.

Read number 5.


7. Our Facebook comments are not exactly what they read.

That guy who wrote “Nice pic dear” on your profile picture in all probability wants to sleep with you. How could you not know something as simple as that?


8. But that doesn’t mean we always have a hidden agenda.

“Can I drop you home?”  

An expression like that mostly emanates from our concern for you to reach home safe. And no, we’re not thinking of sleeping with you. Not all of us anyway.


9. Natural Male Enhancements: Make hay while the ‘sun’ shines!

If a guy lasts longer than you, chances are he’s on something. Don’t make it weird now.


10. Unexpected boners are for real. 

Sometimes all it takes is a cool breeze. And it’s disturbing, the kind of things we think of to get everything under control.


Of course, there are lots of other things women should know about men but we’ll stick to our beloved 10 for now!