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The election season is heating up with allegations and promises but, none of the conversations about it is of our interests. Isn’t it? Of course, the atmosphere is grim but, have you ever imagined what our lives will be like if there was a political party which turns every day into an upbeat party – the kind that we love? Wouldn’t that be great? And, and, and, what if these elections were fought on funky promises that are all about having some REAL fun? Sounds so good na?

I remember when I was in school, I always wanted the games periods to be longer and the assemblies to be shorter! Oh, how I loved bunking classes! Don’t we all? Well, if you agree with me, then here’s a secret for you – there’s a party which can actually make all our childhood dreams come true! Yes, that’s right! Cadbury Perk has launched “Perk Masti Party” and guess who’s leading it? It’s our latest girl crush – Mithila Palkar!
By the way, this party’s only agenda is to unleash more masti for us millennials. Don’t believe it? Then, read the list of 10 things you can expect if they come in power – apart from loads of Cadbury Perk for all of us! Taaliyaa! 

1. ‘Bunking’ will be a compulsory period ‘cause we need it so bad! 


2. Strategic power cuts at midnight, so papa can’t give you pain for being late from a party!

3. Boring assemblies will be replaced by dhaansu DJs! And, yea you can request a song of your choice too!


4. Free Wi-Fi everywhere ‘cause what is life without it anyway?


5. Grace marks will make you top the class. That means, 1 will become 100! Yaass, no more backlogs!


6. Unlimited KBC lifelines will be a thing in the exams! Woah! I am placing my bets on 50-50 to pass my exam.


7. Every selfie will get viral on social media. Yaass, feeling like a celeb already!


8. Every time an autowala says “Juhu – nahi jayega”, they actually have to go!

9. Writing series’ reviews will be the only assignment. And, you know we’re swell in writing reviews! 


10. Saas-bahu shows end in just a few minutes on match days – No more remote wali ladaiyaa!

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So, I toh have decided who I’m gonna vote this year! If you haven’t then, you definitely need to have a Perk and watch this video:

Now, be responsible and vote for masti!