When it comes to the film industry, we’ve seen both men and women come forward and talk about being subjected to the sick and insidious custom of the casting couch. 

A lot of actors have gone through the experience, and we’ve listed out who all these celebs are. Take a look. 

1. Ayushmann Khurrana 

When in an interview, the actor spoke about how he was asked to compromise for a film role. He also talked about facing a lot of the same struggles every newcomer faces. 

A casting director had told me, “I’ll give you the lead role if you showed me your tool.”

-Ayushmann Khurrana told Pinkvilla


2. Kalki Koechlin 

Kalki Koechlin has mentioned how she was asked out on a date by a producer but declined it because she was dating someone at the time, ultimately, she never received a call back from the team. 

I have undergone sexual abuse and I opened up about it first to my therapist and to my then partner. Later, during a conference that Rahul Bose was organising, I discussed it.

-Kalki Koechlin told Pinkvilla

3. Ankita Lokhande 

It seems like the problem is a widespread one because Ankita Lokhande also opened up about facing casting couch issues too. That too, when she was quite young, almost 19-20 years old. 

And the moment he said it, maine uski band baja di thi. I told him, “I think your producer wants a girl to sleep with, not a very talented girl to work with.” And I left from there. He then apologized and said he will try to take me to his film. But I said, “If you try and take me in also, I’m not interested in your film..”

-Ankita Lokhande told Bollywood Bubble

4. Radhika Apte 

Radhika Apte has actually admitted to several occasions where men in the industry have acted as if the female artist on the set needs to adjust. 

I think once an actor in South called me on my room phone and tried to get flirtatious and I just was so rude to him. I think he fought with me later on. But anyway, I haven’t ever got a request saying that you have to sleep with us.

-Radhika Apte for Bollywood Life

6. Ranveer Singh 

The general perception is that only women have to go through exploitation in the film industry. But, Ranveer Singh has admitted to being invited to meet a person at his apartment in Andheri. And I guess, we all know for what purpose. 

Later, I found out what he was interested in. He told me, “You have to be smart. You have to be sexy. Jo smart hai, jo sexy hai, wo aage nikal jaata hai.”

-Ranveer Singh told NDTV

7. Tisca Chopra 

In a session with Kommune India the actor talked about being invited into the hotel room of a producer-director, but ultimately, by using her wits the actor got herself out of the situation. 

Times Of India

8. Saiyami Kher

Even someone as relatively fresh as Saiyami Kher has admitted to being in similar situations. But fortunately, she had her family to support her. 

It’s sad that women are often exploited in this industry. I have been in a similar situation, but I bluntly told the lady not to call me ever. It’s uncomfortable when you land in such situations. It’s difficult to not have a support system in this industry. I am so glad I have family here to fall back on. 

-Saiyami Kher told Bollywood Life

9. Suvreen Chawla

And, like the many other actors, Suvreen Chawla has also opened up about how so many casting couch situations happen in the South film industry. 

I feel very great that I have not encountered this (casting couch) here (Bollywood). I have faced this (casting couch) down south and of course I refused to give into that…Honestly, I can only comment on it If I had encountered it in Bollywood. I don’t know if I should call it sheer luck

-Suvreen Chawla told IANS

10. Esha Gupta

Recently, actor Esha Gupta spoke up about how she was expected to do certain shoots, and that the people in charge thought they could coax her into doing them if they spoke to her nicely. And she even mentioned how these expectations are only laid upon industry outsiders, not star kids. 

I said, “Oh I am scared, I won’t sleep.” But, it’s not the ghosts that you are scared of, it’s the person. Because you never know when they…You also don’t want to be disrespectful. But the problem is also they only do it to us, they won’t do it to the industry kids because their parents will come and kill you. But to us, they would do thinking she wants work. So eventually I saw a very dirty side of the person I worked with because they became very vindictive when they realised that “shit she is not going to do anything.”

-Esha Gupta told Bollywood Bubble

The problem is definitely prevalent and needs to be uprooted ASAP.