When it comes to social media, some people really don’t think twice about throwing hate at others. If we take a look at the last few days, so many celebrities have been trolled for nothing whatsoever, nothing apart from personal choices. 

People have trolled certain celebrities over religion, over what they’re choosing to name their children, over what they’re wearing and doing after their partner’s demise! How low are really going to stoop? Can we not let people grieve or live their life’s best moments without adding hate to them?

1. Kareena Kapoor 

Recently, the celeb was trolled for naming her second son Jeh. And man, is that a lame reason to throw hate or what? It’s completely her and her family’s decision! It has nothing to do with anyone else. 

2. Mandira Bedi

When people stooped to the lowest of lows by attacking what Mandira Bedi was wearing during her husband’s funeral along with the fact that she was the one performing his last rites. Everyone felt disappointed in the cruelty some people chose to show there. 

Economic Times

3. Shahrukh Khan 

Just a couple of days back, when news of Dilip Kumar’s demise had hit, Shahrukh Khan was trolled for wearing sunglasses and looking too ‘dressed up,’ for the late actor’s funeral. What matters is he showed up and supported his loved ones through the difficult time. Not what he was wearing. 

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4. Mira Rajput 

Recently, Mira Rajput was seen walking out of a photo shoot wearing a polka dot skirt. A lot of people trolled her for wearing that, as some people claimed it looked like a kid’s skirt. 


5. Fatima Sana Sheikh

After Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao announced their divorce, people began pinning the reason for it on actor Fatima Sana Sheikh. I mean, this has got to be the worst thing ever. Why is it every time two people divorce, the blame is immediately and without any proof put on another woman. 

6. Saif Ali Khan 

When a new film poster of the actor was posted on the internet, people went on to make fun of it and asking why there are only sadhus in the background and no priests or Maulanas. 

7. Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan recently posted photos of herself at the Kamakya temple and people made that opportunity to troll her over religion. 

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8. Aamir Khan 

When Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao announced their divorce, so many people posted such ugly opinions around it. 


9. Malaika Arora Khan 

This was also an absurd instance of trolling, as Malaika had only posted an encouraging photo of herself getting vaccinated. And people were commenting on the clothes she was wearing rather than paying attention to her message. 

India Times

10. Neetu Kapoor 

Neetu Kapoor had hosted a party on the day of Dilip Kumar’s demise. The internet slammed the entire Kapoor family for doing so and told them to ‘have some shame,’ for doing so.


It’s terrible to see the level people are willing to go to and throw such hate.