Rekha is one of the most iconic actors in our film industry. She’s always been an inspiration for other women, and evidently, she’s worked hard to be the person she is today. 

So here are some of the times the actor has shown us what a queen she really is. 

1. When she had the finest definition of luxury. 

First, it’s a luxury for me to have my sanity intact…My solitude. And the fact that I can watch the sunrise and sunset every day from my house. That I can sit in my garden and watch the wrens and kingfishers that come and go. It’s a tiny place, but it’s my oasis…I like the feeling of being able to take care of myself on my own time and in my own space and the luxury of being able to make my own choices. I don’t have to seek permission from anyone, be it a parent, companion or spouse.


2. When Rekha was asked the repeated, and frankly, stale question ‘Did you love Amitabh Bachchan?’ She just gave us a calm and graceful response, without getting flustered. 

Absolutely! Duh, that’s a dumb question! I’m yet to come across a man, woman, child, who can’t help but fall completely, passionately, insanely, desperately and especially, hopelessly, in love with him. So why should I be singled out?


3. When she had these unforgettable words to say about women. 

..I do believe that the woman is stronger. Yes, she’s often considered weaker and subordinate, she is ridiculed and not taken seriously — but that ultimately became her power. She doesn’t need to be proud, all she feels is gratitude.


4. When the actor’s perspective on marriage and having children was an inspiration for women everywhere. 

In my mind, the real thing is being married to myself. I am married to my profession, to my loved ones….you don’t have to give birth to be a mother.


5. When she set the record straight on what success is. 

I don’t care much for success – it’s an alien word to me. I don’t believe in success, I don’t believe in achievements so to speak. I just believe in relishing every moment of my life. That’s enough for me.


6. When the actor knew that being happier was more important than carrying on in an unhappy marriage. 

If a marriage doesn’t work, you can’t do anything about it. I am not the kind who’ll stick on under false pretences. What’s the point in prolonging a relationship which has no future?


7. When she spoke about what it means to be a modern Indian woman today. 

Every woman, today’s woman in India has changed. For the better, and she’s become tough. Really tough…. really strong. And what I mean to say is that a man cannot take an Indian woman for granted today. 


8. The fact that she’s always remained so humble, elegant and poised while talking about her stardom. 

I am conscious of the fact that the public sees me as a superstar, but I see myself as an artist. 


9. When she defied ageism like a pro. 

Timeless only means time abhi bahut kam hai… And in any case, every day is a rebirth for me.


10. When she spoke about how she became who she is through pure hard work, even after being called an ‘Ugly Duckling.’

I was called the ‘Ugly Duckling’ of Hindi films because of my dark complexion and South Indian features. I used to feel deeply hurt when people compared me with the leading heroines of the time and said I was no match for them. I was determined to make it big on sheer merit.


What an absolute icon.