What’s “right”, what’s “wrong”? Well, conventional wisdom is generally accepted as ‘standard definition’ of right and wrong. And is widely followed as the secret rulebook to a good life. 

On the contrary, actor Neena Gupta threw out the rule book a long time ago. From having a baby out of wedlock, in the late 1980s, entering the industry with unconventional film choices, to getting married at an age when women don’t usually think about it, she lived on her own terms. Now at the age of 60, she is giving us some very valuable life lessons that we should all learn.

1. Neena Gupta on relationships, divorce & single motherhood

There are so many lessons that can be learned from her struggles and how she navigated the daunting territories of career, relationships, single motherhood, and everything in between.

2. Some much-needed gyaan on extramarital affairs

What to or not to do might be very frustrating and confusing if you are in an extramarital relationship. Neena Gupta has some solid advice for you:

3. Neena Gupta on the importance of asking your partner to make a will

Life is uncertain and one cannot predict what’s going to happen in the next moment. In this video, she reminds us of the importance of being practical and maintaining clarity with our spouses about the biggest decisions in life, like making a will.

4. Why we need to appreciate our partner a lot more.

Gupta talks about the importance of appreciating your partner in a relationship, not just for beauty but for all the hard work he/she is putting in.

5. How to relieve stress in these troubling times.

If you are getting angry and frustrated a lot more while stuck inside your house, Neena’s got a way for you to channel all your anger out and make you as calm as possible.

6. Neena’s take on the judgement women receive when they express love.

Love, ah! a beautiful thing, but when it comes to expressing those feeling, why women are judged so much whether while proposing or for making the first move in the bed. Neena Gupta’s got something to say:   

7. How to strike a balance between motherhood and self-love.

Having kids may be a blessing but the problem arises when we tend to forget ourselves. That we are human too, that we have a certain personality which should be taken care of. Gupta shares her experience and wisdom on how to strike a balance between motherhood and self-love.

8. Where to find ‘real’ happiness?

You may have heard that happiness lies within you. Happiness is a sort of mystery. Well, Neena Gupta shares how she has found happiness and there’s a lot to learnings to unpack here:

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9. How to cure your loneliness.

We as a society are becoming more and more lonely. If you are lonely and in search of a way out, Neena Gupta can help, as she shares how she deals with loneliness.

10. The right sense of fashion

It’s very easy to let fashion take over and become a fashion victim. Neena talks about what we must understand before going for fashion; how fashion is not about trendy clothes rather, it’s your expression, flaunting ‘the best’ in your personality.

Let the wisdom sink in.