On days when the effort of rewatching the complete show seems a little too much, we’ve all been known to head back to our favourite episodes for a quick fix. Here’s a list of some of our most favourite episodes that we’ve seen enough times to now know them in verbatim: 

1. The Dinner Party (S4, E13): The Office

Admittedly Niagara, with Jim & Pam’s wedding flash mob, is one of the most adorable episodes from the show. But, you just can’t beat the peak cringe comedy that The Dinner Party served, ensuring that every audience member experienced second-hand embarrassment. As Jim put it, it was about what could make the guests most uncomfortable, and the audience was the guest too. 


2. Episode 7, Season 2: Sex Education

There are so many reasons that make this the best episode, but the highlight is how, amidst everything that is going on, six girls with different personalities, body types, socio-economic and religious backgrounds discover that every one of them is a survivor of sexual assault. And that’s when they decide, together, to help Aimee process her assault and reclaim her bus ride. 

3. HalloVeen (S5, E4): Brookly Nine-Nine

Of all the Halloween heists, this one was undoubtedly the best, because apart from the usual edge-of-the-seat excitement and classic hilarity, the show served us the ultimate proposal. However, MooMoo also deserves a special mention for using the show’s premise to talk about racial profiling. 

4. The Suitcase: Mad Men

What sets The Suitcase apart from other great episodes is that nothing ‘extraordinary’, per se, happened. It was simply a conversation, over drinks, between the show’s leads (Dan and Peggy). And yet, the sublime performances and the flawless writing made it the most memorable episode, even without a proposal, a death, sex, an explosion, or any of the usual ‘monumental’ occurrences. 

5. Pilot: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Over its three seasons, this period comedy-drama has given us many memorable moments, but overall, its pilot remains one of its best episodes! Seeing the quintessential housewife from the 1950s spiral out of control not in tears, but in an undeniably hilarious stand-up set, is one of the finest pilots ever conceived and directed. 

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6. The One Where Everybody Finds Out (S5, E14): F.R.I.E.N.D.S

“I take thee, Rachel”, “Unagi”, “Pivot”.., this show is full of so many brilliant episodes, it’s hard to pick just one. But, we know that you know that the episode where everyone discovers about Monica and Chandler is easily one of the most hilarious, well-written episodes, that is also high on romance. Because that’s when Chandler confesses he loves Monica. 


7. Open Mic (S4, E6): Schitt’s Creek

The Hike, very nearly stumped Open Mic, but nothing, not even a proposal can top watching Patrick serenade David. The entire episode subtly builds to this moment, but it’s Moira and David’s response that makes it so special. Because David, who is quick to hide his loneliness behind arrogance and sarcasm, is wooed publically in the best way possible. 

8. The Rains Of Castamere (S3, E9): Game of Thrones

While we can all agree that Tyrion’s speeches, Arya’s cleverness, Stark Reunion, and all the Dragon scenes were memorable in their own right, the ‘Red Wedding’ shocked us as little else could. And in GoT, that’s saying something. It wasn’t just the massacre, but rather, the slow build-up that left every viewer gasping and crying. And, it’s one of those rare episodes that remain just as brutal, every time you watch it. 

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9. Ozymandias (S5, E14): Breaking Bad

Inspired by Shelley’s poem of the same name, the episode title perfectly summed up Walt’s fall from greatness. From the acting to the direction, every aspect came together perfectly to deliver one of the most dramatic, engaging, and gut-wrenching episodes in TV history. It is perhaps not the happiest episode to come back to, but definitely one where you uncover something new, everytime you watch it. 


10. Season 2, Episode 6: Fleabag

Belinda and Flebag’s conversation about women being born with pain built in spoke to every woman. And frankly, if you revisit one episode, you gotta see them all. But, in its entirety, it’s the season finale, where the priest’s love speech upstages even the bride, Claire chooses happiness, and Fleabag and the Priest part ways, that leaves you pining for more of this honestly brutal show. 


11. San Junipero (S3, E4): Black Mirror

It’s hard to watch shows like BoJack, The Haunting of The Hill House, and Black Mirror more than once. That’s precisely why San Junipero, arguably the most non-Black Mirror type of episode, is the one that makes it to the list. This episode is full of the kind of warmth and sci-fi magic that would make even a cynic smile. 


Be right back, have to watch my favourite episode for the 587th time.