The Heirs streamed back in 2015 and is still by far one of the most popular Korean shows out there. So if you loved it, just as much as you loved Boys Over Flowers, here is a list of more high school dramas that you can't miss. 

1. Reply 1997

This is the first show in the Reply series and is filled with K-Pop references at a high-school reunion. So if you're somebody who loves the genre, then get ready for some nostalgia. 

Reply 1997
Source: Netflix

2. Love Alarm

This 2019 Netflix show is set in a high school where an app shows you if a person near you, likes you - ringing a love alarm in the process. Cute, funny and a must-watch for those who love angst. 

Love Alarm
Source: Netflix

3. Moment Of Eighteen

This adorable show is about a group of 18-year-olds navigating through life and problems as teenagers. 

Moment at Eighteen
Source: Dramabeans

4. Sassy Go Go

Also known as Cheer Up! this drama follows a group of people from different financial backgrounds who have to form a cheer squad together. 

Sassy Go Go
Source: YouTube

5. Who Are You: School 2015

The drama is a story of two twins who've led very different lives and find themselves facing each other as teen. Who Are You: School 2015 stars some of our favourite actors like Kim So-hyun, Nam Joo-hyuk, Yook Sung-jae as young teens. 

Who Are You: School 2015
Source: HelloKpop

6. Extraordinary You

A teen finds out that her entire life is actually a comic book, and she's not even the main character. So she decides to change her fate by becoming the lead, and falling in love. 

Extraordinary You
Source: Netflix

7. Cheese in the Trap

Not exactly set in high school, but this college drama based on a beautiful WebToon should definitely be on your list. It follows the story of a young woman who finds herself attracted to a man who may or may not be manipulating her. 

Cheese in the Trap
Source: Film daily

8. Dream High

This show revolves around the lives of 6 students who are trying their best to get a successful break into K-Pop. 

Dream High
Source: Soompi

9. School 2017

A group of 18-year-olds studying in a high-pressure high school find themselves doubting each other when someone starts vandalising the school. 

School 2017
Source: Dramabeans

10. Reply 1988

This nostalgic show is set in 1988 and tells the story of a quiet neighbourhood. The third series in the Reply instalment, this show will make you laugh and cry, but not for long. 

Reply 1988
Source: Kdramapal

11. SKY Castle

The second highest-rated Korean drama in television history, SKY Castle talks about the top 1% of Korea and their children, with satirical undertones. 

SKY Castle
Source: The Star

P.S. Tempted is technically set in college but the storyline is quite similar to The Heirs so you can hop on to it once you've exhausted this list!