Zombies are known for being dumb, slow and blood-thirsty. They aren’t exactly known for their personalities. But if a zombie apocalypse did come to India, we’re pretty sure the zombies here would have a different character altogether. Just check out a few of these zombie memes to know how.

1. This zombie munched on Alok Nath. It’s screwed now.

2. Bheja Fry anyone?

3. Meet the world’s first perfectionist zombie.

4. SC /ST ( Spicy Cheeks, Salted Toes)

5. This zombie is also immune to blows to the head with a cricket bat.

6. Also, in our times, all brains had IQs above 100.

7. Eating Indian brains will probably give these guys zombie diarrhea.

8. She only eats brains from Bandra and Hauz Khas Village.

9. Indian parent zombies will only want you to eat engineer and doctor brains.

10. Beta, first go to zombie school, then go to the Indian Institute of Zombie, then get a career in eating some nice brains, then settle down with a good zombie girl and have some zombie children.