When it comes to OTT web series in India, there are innumerable options. Especially when it comes to regional shows. We’re actually at a point in time where streaming services are thriving and bringing us one original after another. Which often means more authentic and relatable content. 

So, if you’re even a little bit intrigued, we suggest you keep reading to find out which regional language shows you can add to your watch list. Take a look. 

1. November Story – Tamil 

If you’re into murder mysteries, then you might just take a liking to this one. The show is about an author who used to be a crime novelist and is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, he is found at a crime scene with no memory of what he was doing there, and his daughter is left to defend him and crack the mystery of who the killer is. You can watch it on Hotstar + Disney. 

2. Chitra Vichtram – Telugu

Chitra Vichtram is about two friends who decide to make an independent film and end up fighting pettily over the actor they cast in the lead role. They both begin trying super hard to impress Ramya, but this only leads them into a chaotic (but funny) mess with each other. You can catch the show on ZEE5. 

3. Vella Raja – Tamil

This is a Tamil web series. It is a drama thriller surrounding a drug dealer by the name of Deva. And an accidental mess a bunch of people run into when they end up in a shabby lodge which happens to be the said drug dealer’s secret hideout. You can catch the series on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Byomkesh – Bengali

Byomkesh is based on the character Byomkesh Bakshi, created by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. The series follows the cases of the private detective and the mysteries he solves. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. 

5. Paap – Bengali

Paap is a Bengali web series. It follows the story of a family enjoying the celebration of Durga Puja when an old family member returns for the occasion but brings in complications of something she was a part of in her past, to the family. It is essentially a mystery, if you’re interested, you can catch the show on MX Player. 

6. Safe Journeys – Marathi 

Safe Journeys is a web series that was made to encourage dialogue on safe sex, pregnancy, sexual abuse and consent among youth. So it shows scenarios wherein couples talk about pregnancy scares or having sex for the first time. You can watch this on YouTube. 

7. Moving Out – Marathi 

This is a Marathi web series, that is based on a girl who is being pressurised to get married by her family. So, in order to fight of the pressure, to follow her ambitions, and to be able to live her life freely, she seeks to move out of her parents’ house. You can watch the show on MX Player.

8. I Promise R.I.A – Malayalam

I Promise R.I.A is a Malayalam web series by Saina productions. It is about three friends in high school, and how they co-exist together as friends while experiencing love and friendship in several different ways. You can watch this one on YouTube. 

9. 703 – Telugu

703 is a Telugu web series that follows a writer who is investigating the case of a girl named Nakshatra post her death. But each time he follows a clue, he lands himself in trouble. It is suspenseful, so if you’re into that kind of content, catch the show on YouTube. 

10. Locked – Telugu

Locked is a psychological thriller that follows Dr Anand Chakravarthy. A neurosurgeon who is locked in his own house. While at the same time, two people plan to rob his house and manage to get inside as well, but also get locked inside. Sound interesting? You can watch this show on Aha. 

11. Auto Shankar – Tamil 

As the name suggests, the show is based on the infamous gangster and killer from the 1970s and 80s, Auto Shankar. The show is a crime thriller, that follows Auto Shankar AKA Gowri Shankar who ends up becoming involved in the illegal trade of liquor and women. You can watch it on ZEE5. 

How interesting do these sound!