The actor quickly became known as the poster girl of Indie films, or thinking films, but has now, also made a huge mark in mainstream cinema, no wonder Radhika Apte is a fav among the audience. 

She never shies away from sharing her perspective, and it seems like she has the sharpest responses and clap backs for any question. So, let’s take a look at all the times she’s done just that, shall we?

1. The time she shut down a reporter for making a sly comment about a sex scene of hers.


2. When she spoke up against colourism and told it like it is. 

We do have dusky actresses in the mainstream. But we still don’t have a really dark-skinned actress, do we? If she is cast, it will be a special film, a one-off. Out of all the new faces launched, do you see a dark girl? There is still a bias. If you are dusky, you will be cast as a village girl. I faced this a lot myself. The fair actresses are cast as urban girls, why can’t I play an urban girl?

-Radhika Apte told iDiva


3. When the actor spoke about the wage gap between men and women. 

There is a lot of inequality. I’m friends with all my contemporaries. I know who gets paid what. My male friends get three times more pay than me. We have so many male superstars, but there are just a few female actors who have attained that status. It is not only because of the industry, it’s in the society.

-Radhika Apte told PTI


4. The example she set for all young girls when she responded to a reporter who asked about the stigma around menstruation and how a lot of pharmacies still sell pads wrapped in newspaper. 

When I used to go shop for sanitary napkins, I used to feel a little embarrassed (in the beginning). So I used to think, how do I do this? I decided, one day I’ll go and very loudly ask them, just to get over my own inhibitions. So I went and said, ‘Woh Whisper ka packet dena.’ And I said it loudly purposely. Since that day things changed.

-Radhika Apte


5. When the celeb set the record straight about conventional looks and appearances upon being asked what she thinks is attractive. 

It has to be the personality. It can’t just be looks. You can be whatever, conventional looking with classical facial structure and all that, but if you don’t have inner charm and personality, it just won’t click.

-Radhika Apte told Indian Express

6. When she called out the lack of opportunities our film industry provides its female actors while speaking to Rajeev Masand. 

I was watching The Favourite…..And you talk about female actresses, and you look at their careers, the amount of good roles that they’ve done ….. And please look at our industry and tell me for which actress, in the last decade, you can say that ‘look at all these roles she’s done, phenomenal work!’ (It’s) because, you don’t get so much work. Even if we have some phenomenal actresses that have done great work…. it’s like 2 roles in their lifetime. But consistently getting really good work and matching the standard of work?… (It’s) not because of their capacities, but the kind of work they’re being offered…

-Radhika Apte told The Quint


7. When she stood up and backed her co-star Tannishtha Chatterjee on being trolled for her complexion on a reality show.

I think jokes on colour or body shaming shouldn’t be made. It’s not funny to crack such jokes. Do you crack a joke on fair-skinned (people)? No right? So don’t do it.

-Radhika Apte told PTI


8. When the actor had words of wisdom about the debate over banning Pakistani actors. 

What has happened in Kashmir is terrible. But it shouldn’t determine other things (working of artistes in India) as it’s a political debate. I feel art has the power to bind us. We should encourage talent.

-Radhika Apte told PTI

9. When she spoke up about representation of female Asian actors internationally during a conversation with Rajeev Masand. 

I’ve been fortunate to do two films where I am going out. And I am excited that I am breaking a stereotype by doing that….But I do feel, if you see male Asian actors like Riz Ahmed, Dev Patel, Suraj Sharma, Kunal Nayyar… they’ve really done well, but in women…’s Freida Pinto, basically. And I think Nimrat did some really good work, but otherwise it’s just Freida Pinto. Obviously, I mean.. Tell me one Hollywood film with a woman Asian actor in the lead? There isn’t any. 

-Radhika Apte told CNN-News18


10. When she shook off the label ‘bold,’ with so much ease in an interview. 

 ..I think it’s a relative and subjective. People will find something bold depending on where they come from. Where I come from, what I say or do is not being bold. It is who I am. I think “bold” requires courage.

-Radhika Apte told Scroll


11. When she drew fierce boundaries with a male co-star. 

My first day on a Telugu film, there’s a scene where I’m lying in bed and the star, he was a big actor, walks in and starts tickling my feet……But I just got up, and snapped at him in front of everyone. I said ‘Don’t ever, EVER, do that again!’ And he never touched me after that. 

-Radhika Apte told Neha Dhupia, BFFs With Vogue


How about that? The actor is certainly very clear on who she is, a what she wants in life!