Caution. The road ahead is filled with GoT finale spoilers. 

It’s done. GoT is over. And while there are so many questions that were left unanswered, or some things introduced superficially just to make the ends meet, there were many promises/projects fulfilled. Perhaps not in the exact same shape or manner, but they did come to fruition-


1. Khal Drogo’s promise to Dany that he’ll kill the men in iron suits, tear down their stone houses, and get the iron throne for Dany’s child, back in Season 1.

Although Khal dies before fulfilling his promise, we see Dany repeating the same promise to the Dothraki riders choosing them all her ‘blood riders’, in Season 6.


In her victory speech in GoT finale, she addresses the Dothraki riders, thanking them for the promise fulfilled.


2. Varys’ insight of Tyrion playing a catalyst in ‘saving the city’ but the histories won’t mention him, comes a full circle. 

In the last episode of Season 2, Varys tells an injured Tyrion that even though kings and histories won’t mention you, but ‘we will not forget’.

In the finale, Samwell presents the history of the ‘wars after the death of King Robert’ to Tyrion and the other council members. Tyrion wonders if the narrative portrays him as evil, to which Sam says that he’s not even mentioned.

3. In Episode 2 of this season, before the Great War, Messandei shares with Grey Worm that she wants to ‘see the beaches’.


And Grey Worm promises that he’ll ‘take her there’.


He makes good on that promise, even after the death of Missandei. In the last few scenes of the finale, we see Grey Worm sailing to the Isle of Naath.


4. Sansa becomes the Queen, fulfilling her own dream of becoming one, way back in Season 1.


Only she isn’t ‘his Queen’, she is The Queen. 

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5. Arya’s dream of exploring ‘What’s west of Westeros…’ comes true, something that she mentions to Lady Crane, the actress, who saved her life in the free city of Braavos in Season 6.

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In the finale, Arya sets out on her exploration in a ship, with a big-ass Stark banner on the sail.

6. From ‘Kingslayer’ to ‘Died protecting his Queen’, Jaime’s history recorded in The Book of Brothers comes a full circle.

In Season 4, Jaime tells Brienne that the Book is filled by the Lord Commander and ‘there’s still space left in mine’.

After Jaime’s death, Brienne (which BTW first woman Lord Commander, guys (WOOT)) sets to write his history. This beautiful scene was a convergence of many emotions – Brienne wanted to undo the narrative of Jaime being the Kingslayer. ‘Died protecting his Queen’, wrote Brienne. Although given that she loved him and he left her to go save Cersei, it must have killed Brienne to write something like this.

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7. Dany’s promise of ‘breaking the wheel’ saw the dawn, even if Dany wasn’t the one to implement it.


Show’s finale showed ‘Bran the Broken’ ending up as the King of the 6 kingdoms. Although Sam’s suggestion of a democratic government was laughed at, Tyrion’s suggestion of ‘choosing’ of the next King by a select few elites (essentially an oligarchy) fulfilled Dany’s promise of ‘breaking the wheel’.

8. Samwell gets to contribute to the name of the book on the history of wars after Robert’s death, ‘A Song of Ice And Fire’ as ‘something poetic’.

This is what he suggested to Archmaester Ebrose, during his stay at the Citadel-


9. From pronouncing night as ‘nigget’, to correcting Bronn’s grammar in the last episode, Shireen’s project of educating Ser Davos comes through.


In King Bran’s Council meeting, Ser Davos corrects Bronn’s grammar from ‘no more’ to ‘anymore’. 

10. Bronn gets his castles, finally.

After Riverrun, Bronn is promised (or makes the Lannister brothers promise him) Highgarden.

He finally becomes the Lord of Highgarden and the Master of Coins, as well. Go, Bronn.

11. Jon Snow finally pets ghost.

I mean, come on. Of course, it was not an explicit promise or something. But you gotta pet your good boi! We’re just glad that Jon and Ghost are back together and Ghost got some much-deserved petting.  

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What other promises were fulfilled?

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