It has been a while since most of us spent some quality time with our girl gang. So if you’re missing the sleepovers and brunches, here are shows that you should watch. 

1. Churails 

This ZEE5 Pakistani web series follows the journey of four women from different walks of lives. As they open a detective agency to help women catch their cheating husbands, red-handed. 


2. Sex Education 

Maeve, Aimee and the bus scene has gone down in history as one of the most impactful girl-gang moments in a web series. We stan women who stand up for each other. 

3. Derry Girls

Grew up in a catholic school with your girl gang constantly causing trouble? This show will have you feeling nostalgic. 


4. Younger

Liza and Kelsey may fight each other occasionally but they would do anything for their friends and that’s what makes this show so amazing and relatable. 


5. Big Little Lies

This story of three wealthy women whose lives get disrupted by a murder taking place in their town. If you love yourself some drama, then you should definitely binge-watch this. 


6. Orange Is The New Black 

Suzanne, Alex, piper, Nicky, Tasha and Sophia, these women are the ultimate girl-gang on television. With 7 seasons out there, you’ll have enough content to watch for weeks. 

Film Daily

7. Girls

No show has ever captured the millennial girl gang better than this hilarious take on relationships, friendships and chaos. 

Washington Post


These Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling sure keep you entertained as they fight each other and the system, together. 


9. Girlfriends

This show from 2000 is still relevant as it talks about the struggles and the lives of four strong and independent African-American women. 

Entertainment Weekly

10. Pretty Little Liars

If you’re looking for a nostalgic watch then this dramatic and over-the-top series is exactly what you need to binge with friends on a Zoom call. 


11. Sex & The City 

Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte promise to take you on a refreshing ride during the lockdown. So bring out the mimosas and enjoy a Friday night with your BFFs, virtually of course.  


How many on these list have you already watched?