Bollywood has a problem with tropes and it’s no longer a secret. The same old problematic stereotypes are pushed forward in every movie, and they’re exhausting to watch. 

So we decided to make a list of the characters that Bollywood needs to retire ASAP, because we deserve better. 

1. The professor who is never seen teaching things and only exists to take the main protagonists’ story forward. 


Dharma Productions

2. The student who always looks perfect and is never shown doing actual homework or projects. 

Dharma Productions


3. The stereotypical ‘Goan’ who says ‘man’ a lot and is an alcoholic for some reason. Also they play the guitar, and spend most of their day at the beach. 



4. Bollywood’s favourite ‘successful modern woman’ – she smokes and has slept with multiple people to get where she is. Not because she is actually good at her job. 

DNA India

5. The cop who is famous for beating people up, never actually treats criminals like human beings and has a love-hate relationship with a senior who detests his unlawful ways. But he still ends up with important assignments. 



6. The token Sikh or Punjabi man who says ‘Balle Balle’ on every occasion and swears a lot. 

7. The shady guy who thinks creeping on women is okay and ‘serenades’ them with old Bollywood dialogues and tacky clothes. 


Indian Express

8. The ‘hacker’ who can get into systems within minutes and only exists to take the plot further. 


9. The ‘gay’ man who leeches on married men, wears flashy clothes and makes a lot of hand gestures. 



10. The one person in a movie who speaks Hindi in a ‘South-Indian’ accent and they never tell you where they really are from because it doesn’t matter – every South Indian is ‘Madrasi’. 


11. The ‘feminist’ who hates men and treats them like boy-toys because apparently that’s what empowerment means to Bollywood. 


Republic world

12. The girlfriend who is unbearable and horrible to the male lead, because he has to eventually leave her and move on to our ‘good girl’ girlfriend. 


Which stereotype annoys you the most?