Disclaimer: The following article contains major spoilers from Season 2 of The Family Man. 

The second season of Amazon Prime Video’s The Family Man was a roller coaster ride, not much different from the first season. 

However, this time around, we thought we were more prepared for the thrill. But these moments left us pleasantly surprised, and at times, even shocked:

1. When the first episode ends with a subtle and clever callback to the pilot with Srikant once again handling a hostage situation, albeit over a phone call. 

Though Srikant has ‘voluntarily’ retired from TASC, he clearly hasn’t stopped thinking like a secret agent. Or, in JK’s words, he is suffering from FOMO. 

And thus, when JK is involved in a hostage situation in Chennai, Srikant takes regular updates, offers him help, and ultimately, assists remotely to get the job done. 

It’s a very clever callback to the pilot when Srikant is in a similar situation with Moosa, and ultimately, gets him to surrender. 

2. When we discover Atharva is still just as cheeky, and musically challenged, as ever. 

TBH though, every moment with Atharva in it is a great moment! 

3. When the king of information and caution, aka Chellam sir, first arrives on-screen. 

Srikant reaches out to Chellam sir to help JK and Muthu capture Subbu. 

And right from the start, the speed with which Chellam sir obtains information can surpass even Google.

*Putting this thought in the universe – we need a spin-off on Chellam sir’s story*

4. When Raji attacks her harasser and we get the first glimpse of her skills as a fighter. 

The trailer had made it clear that Raji was the primary antagonist in the season. But watching her in action, absolutely nailing the moves while also killing her harasser (who, of course, is not aware of her real identity), is still unexpectedly impressive.  

5. When Suchi reminds Srikant that doing the ‘bare minimum’, as a father and a husband, is not something to be rewarded. 

Over dinner, Srikant talks about how, with his new corporate job, he’s been helping in the kitchen, looking after his children, etc. to make Suchi happy. 

At this moment, Suchi immediately calls him out for believing he deserves an award simply for doing his job as a father and husband. 

6. When Srikant quits his corporate job and rejoins T.A.S.C. 

Of course, slapping your colleague, even if it’s someone like Srikant’s boss, is never acceptable. But, watching Srikant head back to doing what he does best–outwit terrorists, lie, and save the nation–was the highlight of the show indeed. 

7. When Muthu calls out JK for his lack of knowledge about South India. 

When JK says he loves South Indian food, his South Indian counterpart, Muthu, is quick to ask him which South Indian food he likes. Because there is definitely more to South Indian cuisine than just sambar-dosa

The Family Man creators deserve complete credit for portraying South India and South Indians with refreshing authenticity. More importantly, throughout the series, the creators craftily call out the way North Indians tend to stereotype South India. 

8. When Srikant and JK are caught with Nanda’s body parts and hauled in jail over a suspected murder charge. 

The local police are in search of Nanda’s (Raji’s boss) whereabouts. When they realize that Raji could be behind his disappearance, they rush to her home, only to find JK and Srikant (who were searching rebel safe houses) at her home, along with Nanda’s remaining body parts.

Considering the situation, the local police naturally hauls up Srikant and JK on murder charges and puts them in jail for the night. Talk about the perfect comedy of errors! 

9. When Raji catches Srikant’s lies, proving yet again, there’s more to her than just being a lean, mean fighting machine. 

Srikant attempts to question Raji by lying to her, which is his usual approach. Raji responds by sharing her own story, and claiming that it actually is real, thereby becoming one of the few people to actually catch Srikant’s lies. Clearly, there is more to Raji than just being an accomplished fighter. 

Also, just like in the first season, in season 2 also, it’s the sixth episode that sees a massive action sequence, the death of a team member, and the escape of the primary antagonist (in this case, Raji). 

10. When JK escapes from the compound and survives, despite getting shot. 

After JK and Muthu are caught at the Tigris flying compound, JK helps Muthu escape first by providing cover. But when he attempts to escape, he is shot by Raji. However, despite losing consciousness and blood because of the bullet wound, he survives. 

As Srikant says, JK is like a cockroach, he’d survive even a nuclear blast. 

11. When Dhriti attacks Kalyan. 

Kalyan, aka Salman, kidnaps Dhriti on Sajid’s orders. But Dhriti cleverly outsmarts him, when, she plays to his emotions and ends up striking at him through a broken piece of glass. 

A representation of the ‘fight-or-flight’ reaction, Dhriti uses her survival instinct and does not let the situation, or her own emotions, get the better of her. It’s dramatic, but also, inspiring. 

12. When Srikant rescues Dhriti. 

High on emotions, the moment when Srikant ultimately rescues Dhriti from Sajid’s clutches is as filmy as it comes. 

*Petition to cast Manoj Bajpayee in the Hindi remake of Taken*

13. And ultimately, when the team is felicitated by the PM… and then made to return their medals. 

After all their sacrifices, the entire team is felicitated by the PM for successfully foisting an assassination. But, in lines with TASC’s secret identity, the members can’t actually keep any memento of their incredible feat. 

It’s a simple, light-hearted moment that perfectly sums up the way the creators include humor in a show about terrorism.

Now that’s how you nail a sequel! 

All images are screenshots from the show, streaming on Amazon Prime Video.