If you’ve had the chance to catch Little Things’ Season 4, then we’re sure you saw just how cute Dhruv and Kavya looked (all over again). 


Which is why we’ve decided to bring you the best moments from this season so that you can smile over the mushiness all in one read. 

1. When the two were in a long-distance relationship, how Kavya stayed on the phone with Dhruv because his flatmate wasn’t home was the definition of love. 

2. When they had this serious talk about where their relationship is heading, and what is actually going on between them. 

3. When both Dhruv and Kavya’s parents stayed over like the cute family they all really are. 


4. When they had this cute but real AF moment while in the confession box of a church. 

5. When they had a talk with Dhruv’s other friends and realised that they need to talk about the big things in life too. 

Shaadi and all!

6. When Dhruv helped Kavya out while she was doing her exercises. 

Literally giving the vows ‘In health and in sickness,’ meaning. 


7. When Kavya subtly told Dhruv she wants to get married.

8. When Dhruv’s dad asked his mom if her nightgown is new. 

What a truly desi moment. Because in India, instead of a new hairdo, or dress,  husbands notice newly bought nightgowns!


9. When at the end, Kavya pulled out an engagement ring and told Dhruv to put it on her finger. 

No words were needed between the two, they just knew that they were both ready and it felt right in that moment. 


10. When they’re discussing their secret engagement and deciding on when to tell their parents about it. 

11. And of course, when they finally get engaged in front of their parents. 


12. When Dhruv assures Kavya that if she doesn’t want kids, it won’t be some kind of a deal-breaker for him. 

Always and forever being the cutest!