It’s uncommon where a show’s protagonist is utterly annoying. Whether plagued by baffling storylines or less-than-outstanding dialogues, not all main leads wind up as fan favourites.  

Here is a list of such main characters who made your blood boil or scream at your television, “Not again!

1. Daphne Bridgerton – Bridgerton 

There is no doubt about the fact that Phoebe Dynevor did a brilliant job with her character. However, the fact that Daphne had an absolutely zilch understanding of sexual consent makes her one of the most problematic characters of the show.

2. Frooty – Son Pari 

It goes without saying that this show makes us millennials all nostalgic every single time. Nonetheless, one thing we would like to say out loud: Frooty was awfully annoying and truly boiled our pre-adolescent blood. With her never-ending surprised expressions and endless sob sessions, she taught us the meaning of annoying.

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3. Emily Cooper – Emily In Paris 

From Madeline to Brooklyn, there was no dearth of unbearable characters in this show. However, Emily has to be the most annoying character ever created. Being naïve, ignorant and highly disrespectful, Emily moves to Paris without knowing a word of French.

 4. Chloe Decker – Lucifer 

With her holier-than-thou attitude, Chloe has to be one of our least favourite characters. Where Lucifer saved her life a number of times, she treated him like shit from the very start. The moment she finds that he actually a devil, she not only runs away but also plots to kill him. Lucy deserves better.

5. Georgina Sparks – Gossip Girl 

Being the most manipulative and ruthless character from GG, we rolled our eyes so hard every time Georgina popped back in the show. She was the perfect recipe for disasters.

6. Veronica Lodge – Riverdale 

Veronica was nothing but a spoilt rich brat accustomed to a life of diamonds, mimosas for breakfast and spending on daddy’s credit card. No matter how much she tries, V comes out as a completely dishonest and conceited character.

8. Rachel Berry – Glee 

No doubt that she had an amazing voice, but her character annoyed the hell out of us. Rachel was not only selfish and annoying, but she never liked sharing the limelight with anyone else. 

9. Ted Mosby – How I Met Your Mother 

He may be the prime focus of the show, but he surely possesses some hateable abilities. Ted was selfish, pretentious and treated women awfully throughout the entire show.

10. Sabrina Spellman — Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Rather than taking time to think her thoughts through, Sabrina always took impulsive decisions which frequently came out on the wrong end of things. With her very strong opinions, she never even cares to listen to advice.

11. Jessica Day — New Girl

With her quirks, Jessica starts off as a pretty hilarious character. But as the seasons pass, her appeal is toned down and becomes boring eventually. The fact that she struggles with boundaries and needs everyone to match her values, makes her one of the most annoying characters of the show.

12. Piper Chapman – Orange Is the New Black 

Although we felt terrible for her in the beginning, we soon realised that she is a super annoying character. Even after having the most comfortable life in prison more than most of her fellow inmates, she always thought that she has it just as bad as everyone else.

13. Gajgamini ‘Golu’ Gupta – Mirzapur

When her character decides to contest the elections in her college, we finally thought she is here to give a competition to Munna. However, it turns out that Guddu and Bablu had to take matters into their own hands when she was being threatened.

14. Tamanna – Bandish Bandits

With her uni-dimensional and bland role, she was one of the most annoying characters of the show. 

15. Umang Singh – Four More Shots Please!

From her life revolving only around her partner to leaving the same partner at the mandap, she was a highly annoying character from the show.

Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments.