2020 has done the unimaginable. It has forced us to grow up and take inspiration from people and characters we once mocked. Like these: 

1. Subodh from Dil Chahta Hai

Subodh was a committed boyfriend, who stuck to a schedule. He is the lockdown superhero we didn’t know we needed. 

2. Pooja Mishra from Bigg Boss

After having the same group of people for company for four months, I finally understand what Pooja’s behavior was. Let’s just say, the dustbin had been asking for it! 

3. Bunty from Lifebuoy Ad

So, it wasn’t Bunty’s soap that was slow. It was the rest of the world that took just a little too long to catch up.

4. Anshuman from Jab We Met

Considering the only trips I’ve taken are from the bedroom to the kitchen, even I don’t want to go to ganne ke khet. Not this year, not any year! 

5. Sadness from Inside Out

Yes, sometimes I need someone to drag me because I just can’t! Okay? Okay. 


6. Squidward from Spongebob

Every single, overworked soul, dealing with overenthusiastic colleagues (I am looking at all you peeps sending ‘Good Morning’ texts on groups chats in all caps), has at one point or the other related to Squidward. 


7. Bane from The Dark Knight Rises

Okay, of course, I don’t agree with his ideas of world domination. But he did make the best of being stuck inside a prison for years. And considering our current circumstances, I kind of covet that mask. 

Indian Express

8. Donald Duck

No pants FTW! 


9. Meghna from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Now that I’m left with nothing to watch online, and have started giving names to things I love (world, meet Bosco, my laptop), Meghna’s “What’s This” game sounds way too interesting to ignore. 


10. Baburao Ganpatrao from Hera Pheri

Using a water tank to directly pour alcohol sounds like a pretty good plan in hindsight. 

11. Percy from Main Hoon Na

His affection is not dependent on Sanjana’s looks, he carries his own water, and he has an ingenious solution to Professor Rasai’s lectures. Because difficult problems need ingenious solutions.  

12. The Joker (in all avatars)

Again, I am not saying Joker’s plans for society were correct, or even acceptable. But, I definitely relate to the sense of disillusionment he experiences when the system fails him.

Any other character who was once misunderstood, but actually, speaks to you in today’s day and age? Let us know in the comments section below.