We often fall for the love stories we see on-screen, because they either remind us of our loved ones, or make us dream of that perfect romance. But, sometimes, shows and movies presented romantic relationships that no one shipped: 

1. Joey and Rachel: F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Joey and Rachel said so themselves, they were not like Chandler and Monica! And the writers should have known it too – ladka aur ladki bas dost bhi ho sakte hain. Honestly though, Rachela and Joey were doomed from the start and nothing, not even the actors’ brilliant performance, could save this relationship arc. 


2. Dan and Serena: Gossip Girl

Yes, Dan and Blair made for a questionable couple, no doubt. But Dan and Serena ended up together despite the fact that Serena and Nate did make the perfect couple. Not to forget everything Dan did as Gossip Girl. Really, the plot reveal was not a “love letter” but rather the affirmation that fans who hated ‘Derena’ needed. 


3. Ted and Robin: How I Met Your Mother

Honestly, what a disappointing finale (almost beats Game of Thrones). It just looks like lazy writing to pair two people together, who not only have opposite interests and personalities but have also already failed to make it work once in the past. 

4. Eric and Adam: Sex Education

Admittedly they have explosive chemistry. But no matter how fiery hot their chemistry is, it can’t blow smoke on everything wrong with this relationship – from Adam’s bullying to the hints of impostor syndrome that Eric displays when it comes to deserving love. And that makes it hard to root for these two!


5. Jack and Kate: Lost

Honestly, Kate should have left both Sawyer and Jake. Because in this love triangle, no one was right for each other. But most definitely not Jack and Kate, considering that mistrust was a bigger element of their relationship than even physical attraction! We were all lost with this pairing, TBH. 


6. Aria and Ezra: Pretty Little Liars

Even if one were to ignore the very obvious lawsuit waiting to happen, Aria and Eriza made no sense to anyone – the writers, the actors, or the audience. They were simply another element to add drama to a show that had little going for it, except for drama. And we may have missed the signs as teenagers, but in hindsight, this drama was nothig but toxic. 


7. George and Izzie: Grey’s Anatomy

Of all the times (and there really are too many to count) creators have used the best friends-to-lovers trope, this was easily the worst. George and Izzie were great as friends and it made no sense to pair them, which, considering all the non-sensical things that happened on the show, is saying something. 


8. Mindy and Jody: The Mindy Project

Jody was just a British version of Danny – though definitely older and more tiresome. And honestly, after the fireworks that Danny and Mindy’s enemies-to-lovers relationships proved to be, reusing the same trope in the same show was bound to fail. Danny and Mindy were far from ideal. But Mindy and Jody just made for an ineffective plot point. 

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9. Roy and Pam: The Office

Okay, all of Erin’s relationships were a disaster, and even the hunt for her mother was a plotline that made little sense. But, when it comes to a relationship everyone hated, it has to be Roy and Pam.  And Jim is just one of the many reasons for it. Honestly, the relationship should have ended far earlier than it did. 


10. Pinky and Aloke (Alu): Ludo

The worst part about Alu’s story was his relationship, or rather unrequited loveship with Pinky. It was a cringefest to sit through and honestly, made little to no sense. 

It’s a sheer tragedy that Rajkummar Rao was saddled with the weakest segment in a film that had just the right amount of dark humor and thrills going for it. 

11. Andy and Nate: The Devil Wears Prada

You could eliminate Andy and Nate’s entire relationship from the film and it would make no difference to the story. Though the real reason we hate Andy and Nate is because of the way Nate treated Andy’s ambitions – he may have projected himself as being protective of her wellbeing, but it just appeared as him being jealous of her achievements. Dare we say, nascent stages of gaslighting? 


12. Mark and Juliet: Love Actually 

Okay, Mark’s confession may have been a romantic scene, but no one, literally no one, understood this relationship. It was borderline creepy, TBH, and paints Mark as a terrible friend and Juliet as a terrible wife – because what did Peter ever do wrong to any of them? 

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