The actor who captivated people worldwide with his brilliant comic timing and incredible acting skills, passed away six years ago today, leaving behind an unforgettable legacy. Here are our favourite movies that we love to remember him by:

1. Mrs. Doubtfire

We all grew up watching this iconic 1993 film with Robin Williams playing the role of a loving father and an adorable nanny. 


2. Good Will Hunting

Showing us the true meaning of love and leaving us teary-eyed, this movie was a masterpiece that we’ll always find ourselves rewatching. 


3. Dead Poets Society

Wouldn’t we all have loved an English teacher like John Keating? He taught his students that the heart matters, winning ours in the process. 


4. Jumanji

This 1995 film made him every kid’s favourite actor. He was funny, quirky and the absolute best – no questions asked. 


5. Good Morning, Vietnam

A jockey with a heart of gold. This movie about a disc jockey running a radio channel for troops in Vietnam feels like a warm hug that will end with you in tears. 


6. Patch Adams

This real-life story of a doctor who loves making his patients laugh is still relevant today. And nobody could have played this role better than Robin Williams. 


7. Night at the Museum Series

Robin Williams played Teddy Roosevelt in this series, the third part of which was the last film in which he was seen on-screen. 

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8. Flubber

One of the cutest Robin Williams movies out there, this film had a child-like innocence that is hard to find. Also, Robin’s chemistry with animated goo? Brilliant. 


9. Bicentennial Man

This movie gave a simple robot, a heart that we would have all loved to take care of. 


10. R.V (Runaway Vacation)

A fun-filled film about a father, played by Robin Williams, who decides to take his family on an impromptu vacation in a caravan. What could go wrong? Everything. 


11. Aladdin

Robin Williams will always be the genie we grew up loving and laughing to, this 1992 movie is a classic. 

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12. Insomnia

This Christopher Nolan movie about a murder investigation in a small Alaskan town is undoubtedly one of Robin Williams, Al Pacino and Christopher’s best work. 


Which movie are you watching first?