Netflix is pretty much the go-to streaming service when it comes to watching quality content. However, with great content sometimes comes a lot of nudity and with a lot of time at hand and with lonelier times ahead, we sat and counted. 

So, here are some shows and movies on Netflix which have A LOT of nudity and steamy scenes : 

1. 365 Days

Let’s just be honest, the steamy scenes in this erotic movie were literally talked about for months after its release. Despite the fact that the movie encouraged an extremely toxic relationship, well people enjoyed it for the sex scenes. 

2. Bridgerton 

This was a historical era show, so even thinking about sex scenes would have been out of the question, right? Wrong. Simon and Daphne’s several honeymoon encounters rose the temperatures way too high only making us crave this show even more.   

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3. Élite 

Despite the fact that the show revolves around rich people and how they get away with crimes due to their social stature, it also revolves a lot around sexual pairings and their uhm.. activities. 

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4. Outlander 

This time-travel romance show has a lot of intimate and steamy scenes that one can’t ignore even if they want (not that we want to. )

5. Orange Is The New Black 

This show revolves around the woman’s prison and involves a whole lot of lesbian romance. The show has seven season so there are a lot of nude scenes involved. 

6. Narcos 

Apart from real-life stories of drug kingpins and gut-wrenching murders, there are a number of steamy scenes that add a touch of reality in the show. 

7. Oh, Ramona! 

This coming-of-age movie perfectly captures just how much lust can consume your attention and how your imagination can take you places. 

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8. American Pie Presents: Girls’ Rules 

Just like all the American Pie series, this film explores nascent teen sexuality with humour. The characters get to know about their sexuality and the typical teenage hormones lead to a lot of spicy scenes. 

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9. MILF 

The movie centers on three women in their 40s who meet a group of young men in a sailing club while on vacation. They experiment and try new things leading to a series of spicy encounters. 

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10. Dark Desire 

A weekend away spins out of control in this series of vividly filmed sex scenes. It might be a thriller with a loose plot but raunchy make up for it. 

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11. White Lines 

This thriller even though got cancelled after just one season gave us viewers a far share of sexy scenes. 


Which one have you watched more than once?