Sometimes, there is no better expression of love, infatuation, and/or attraction than that perfect kiss! So, here’s our pick of some of the most memorable kisses on TV shows:  

1. Jim and Pam, The Office

Long, long before the two finally start dating, Jim kisses Pam after letting her know he likes her as more than a friend. And that’s, without a doubt, one of their most romantic moments ever, even though technically, Pam was not single at the time. 

2. Jake and Amy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

After ‘pretending’ to kiss to keep their cover on a stakeout, Amy and Jake realize two things – the 99 precinct is in for some major changes, and it wasn’t all pretense during the stakeout. And thus, they kiss for real. 


3. Nick and Jess, The New Girl 

After spending a whole evening refusing to kiss for a game, Nick tugs Jess’s arm, draws her close, and gifts the audience one of the most explosive first kisses ever. Now that’s what you call chemistry. 


4. Rachel and Ross, F.R.I.E.N.D.S 

You may not think they were on a break, you may think she should have not got down from the plane, but there is no denying that when Ross and Rachel finally kiss for the first time, it was swoon-worthy. “She was his lobster!”

5. Eric and Adam: Sex Education

Yes, Eric definitely deserves better because is there a fictional character more amazing, adorable, and sassy than Eric? I think not. But, the almost chaste yet undeniably sweet kiss that Eric and Adam share at the end of their night out, was all kinds of wonderful. 

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6. Damon and Elena, Vampire Diaries

After three seasons of teasing us with their undeniable chemistry, Damon and Elena give us a kiss that’s worth the wait. Their kiss in the rain in season 6 comes at a close second. Yes, I am Delena all the way! 


7. Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl

In no way am I disregarding Chuck’s perverted behavior at the beginning of the show. But, #Chair is admittedly one of the hottest TV couples. While the two share countless beautiful moments, their hookup and the ‘goodbye’ kiss are undeniably memorable. The first was hot, the second, romantic. 

8. Kurt and Blaine, Glee

What is it about long-awaited kisses that make them all the more special? There may be some study somewhere that holds the answer to that, but for now, let’s just agree that Kurt and Blaine’s first kiss was easily one of the most long-awaited kisses in TV history. And it was perfect! 

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9. Klaus and Caroline, Vampire Diaries

Just as special as first kisses, if not more, are goodbye kisses. At least that was the case with Klaus and Caroline, when they kissed after Caroline admitted that she liked him despite knowing better, and he agreed to no longer pursue her, despite loving her. 


11. Luke and Lorelai, Gilmore Girls

No matter how many times show creators use the ‘will they, won’t they’ trope, I still fall for the palpable tension every single time. And I’m not the only one. Which explains how Luke and Lorelai’s first kiss made it to the list. 


11. Betty and Jughead: Riverdale

What is it about detective partners and explosive chemistry? Perhaps that’s a mystery someone should uncover. In the meantime, I’ll just take you back to the time when Betty, after her confrontation with her parents, confides into Jughead leading to the perfect kiss… and, a new clue! 


12. David and Patrick, Schitt’s Creek

David and Patrick’s relationship is quite literally the cherry on the scrumptious, decadent cake that Schitt’s Creek is. And their relationship started with the perfect first kiss. Though Patrick serenading David still takes the cake as the most romantic TV moment ever. 


13. Jack and Kate, Lost

Lost gave us one of the most iconic love triangles, and that’s saying something considering how every second show seems to concoct a love triangle. But, no matter who you believe Kate deserved to be with, Jack and Kate’s first kiss was one hell of a start to a tumultuous relationship. 


Now, if only Hershey’s weren’t the only kisses I was getting this year!