As Netflix just officially announced the release of the third part of The Kissing Booth, we can’t help but wonder if the film will answer all the questions that have left us confused from The Kissing Booth 2


1. Which college is Elle going to? We know that she is currently waitlisted but what if she gets accepted in both colleges and lands up in a Sophie’s choice situation?

2. What exactly did Marco mean towards the end of the film when he said, “yes she is” after his friend said that Elle is not worth it? We can’t help but wonder what’s going on in his beautiful mind. 

Is he hatching a plan to win Elle’s heart? 

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3. Considering we have no idea where Marco is going to college, is there a chance that Marco and Elle can end up in the same college together with or without Noah? 

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4. But then what about the rule where Elle and Lee are supposed to go to UC Berkley together? Because that’s where their moms became BFFs. 

5. Most importantly, where the hell will Elle and Lee set up the signature Kissing Booth when they both have graduated from school? 

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6. Will Noah and Chloe have a set of platonic rules like Lee and Elle?

7. Will Noah and Elle continue to be in a long-distance relationship? 


8. Most importantly, will Elle continue to be the third wheel to Rachel and Lee’s relationship because she is lonely from the long-distance? Or will she learn from her mistakes? 

9. Is there a possibility that Elle will realise that her connection with Marco is unique and maybe she is low-key in love with him? #TeamMarco.

10. Or will she end up hurting his feelings and friend-zoning him, again? 

11. Will we get to see more of Ollie and his adorable boyfriend’s blooming relationship? 

12. All things aside, will Elle be able to leave her little brother, her loving father and go across to the country to go to college in Boston and be with Noah? 

13. Sidebar: Oh god, please let there be more dancing with Marco (MVP) in the third part!

Well, I guess we’ll only have to keep guessing till the third movie comes out in 2021. In the meantime, here’s a teaser of The Kissing Booth 3, let us know if you pick up on anything: