The singer became a part of the industry at just 15 and the fame always comes with a cost. He went from making vines in his bedroom to singing in a sold-out concert at Rogers Centre. In Netflix’s documentary, Shawn Mendes: In Wonder we get to see a well-hidden side of the singer as he battles his anxiety. And how he finally decides to ‘Treat Camila Cabello Better’ and be Superman for a little bit longer. 

Here are 14 times during the film that we fell in love with Shawn:

1. When he just solemnly nodded when asked if it was difficult to protect the pure thing that started his career in music.

2. When we saw 15-year-old Shawn Mendes playing at his very first concert. Singing Ed Sheeran covers and being a nervous teenager.

3. When we got to see the team behind the magic, Shawn’s co-writer who he pens down those lyrics with.

4. When we got to watch Shawn being absolutely magical on-stage and wished we could attend one of his concerts RN.

5. When we ever so often caught a glimpse of the new songs to come in his next album and TBH, we’re already humming the tunes. 

6. When he said that every song he has ever written has been about Camila Cabello and our single hearts wept.

And we finally understood where the sizzling chemistry in Senorita came from.

7. When he and Camila shared their adorable love story of meeting backstage for the first time during a tour, being friends for years and then finally living together as a couple.

8. When Shawn mentioned how important his friends are and how his best friend keeps him grounded.

9. When we saw Shawn’s childhood friends attending his concerts and being there to support him.

10. When we saw the plaque his parents have in their home, proud of Shawn’s success in the sweetest way possible. And obviously the singer was quite embarrassed by it. 

11. When we met the whole Mendes family and saw the good ol’ Canadian love.

12. When the singer broke down because he had to cancel a concert due to the damage the 104-concert tour was causing to his vocal cords.

13. When all of Shawn’s fans came to cheer for him outside his hotel room after the cancelled concert to wish him good health.

The film is currently streaming on Netflix.