Agreed, it’s your special day and you deserve to be treated like King Charles’ Indian avatar. But it usually turns out to be a day full of un-ending phone calls and frequent face-caking. As your designated birthday Grinch, let me give you reasons to believe that birthdays can get awfully awkward.

1. You run out of topics to talk in precisely 3 seconds into congratulatory phone calls.

You finally finish talking and heave a sigh of relief, only to go through the ordeal gazillion times through the day.

2. You have no choice but to accept handshakes from random dudes at the coffee machine in your workplace.

Including people you’ve barely spoken to or even worse, completely hate your guts.

3. It doesn’t matter how out of place and time it might sound, but everybody seems to have only one question “So where’s the party tonight?”

Never mind that you’re working late that day, you’ll feel like a complete loser.

4. You have to pretend to like all the gifts you get.

5. If you’re mildly anti-social and hate surprises, you’ve got nowhere to go.

6. No matter how old you get, your relatives can’t help making jokes about your age.

7. And you wish they’d all turn into Spock and say:

8. If you happen to be over 24, the age comment is not half as embarrassing as “So beta, shaadi ki taryien shuru karien?”

9. It’s that one day in your life when you’re forced to be nice to the point of being diabetes-inducing sweet.

10. Speaking of sweet, let’s not forget the cake slap.

11. Being addressed as the Birthday Boy/Birthday Girl all day can get on your nerves.

12. You’re made to drink shots after shots till you pass out.

Only to wake up the next to realize that the world suddenly doesn’t care about you anymore.

13. Which basically makes birthdays as stressful as festivals like Diwali and Christmas.

The only difference is unlike these other days, the spotlight is only on you. And you have to deal with it all by yourself!