It’s no secret that 2020 hasn’t been the best year for the entertainment industry. In fact, 2020 hasn’t been the best year for anything. Netflix has cancelled a bunch of shows this year – whether it’s due to the pandemic and consequent shutdown of shooting, or due to a drop in ratings, or even just because it felt like the natural conclusion of a show – the cancellations have happened. Here’s a list of the ones that are done. 

1. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

The popular talk show hosted by Hasan Minhaj was cancelled recently to much outrage ad alarm. With its incisively humorous take on the darkest of current affairs, Patriot Act had found fans among several subsets of audiences. After 6 seasons however, it was cancelled, and Hasan bid adieu to the show.. 

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2. Altered Carbon

This dystopian cyberpunk action drama garnered critical acclaim, at least for its first season. Based in the distant future and covering a whole lot of timelines with poise, this show was a personal favourite. The show was cancelled very recently after comparing cost with viewership.

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3. The Society 

This Lord of the Flies-like modern teen drama was about high school students who found themselves in a town where all the adults had disappeared. While it had been renewed for a second season, earlier, it was recently cancelled following budget issues.


4. I Am Not Okay With This 

This critically acclaimed teen comedy drama was about a young girl navigating high school, relationships, and superpowers! Season 2 was in pre-production, but the show ended up being cancelled by Netflix due to uncertainty around production dates and balancing the availabilities of the cast.

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5. Turn Up Charlie

This breezy show starring Idris Elba as a charismatic and hard-partying DJ who’s out on his luck was earlier confirmed for a season 2. However, as covid struck and Netflix started crunching the numbers, this one just didn’t cut it. Season 2 is canned.


6. V Wars

This vampire contagion drama starred Ian Somerhalder as a doctor trying to get his son back (and face other ‘teething’ problems) from monsters of the night. It was cancelled after just 1 season, as part of Netflix’s cancellation streak

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7. October Faction

This show was about a monster-hunting couple who also had to deal with the issues of their teenage kids, and while it had potential, the how kind of lost the plot by the third episode. Either way, Netflix axed the show from putting out a second season this year.

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8. Insatiable

This dark teen comedy drama followed a woman who seeks revenge on the people who fat-shamed her in high school, and she goes to great lengths to get them back. After 2 seasons and some pretty terrible ratings, it was cancelled this year.


9. Soundtrack

This musical drama followed the love stories of struggling artists in Los Angeles. The first season premiered at the end of 2019, and Netflix announced that it was cancelling the show in early 2020. There were plans for a second season, but that dream is over.


10. Spinning Out

This show, a drama about the ups and downs of the ice-skating world and the Olympic dream, came out with its first season in January. By February 2020, Netflix announced that it had been cancelled.


11. Messiah

This thriller about a CIA officer investigating an enigmatic figure who seems like the second coming got a lot of attention when it came out. However, that seems to have fizzled away, and the show was cancelled in March this year after 1 season.


12. AJ and the Queen

This comedy-drama followed the travels of a drag queen played by RuPaul and sidekick AJ. In March, Netflix announced the show was cancelled after one season.


13. Next In Fashion

This reality show was about a fashion design competition hosted by the inimitable Tan France and Alexa Chung. Released in January, it was cancelled in June this year after 1 season. 


If you were a fan of any of these shows – we’re sorry!