Thanks to clever writing and great performances, there are certain characters who have us smiling, every time they appear on-screen. Like these: 

1. Vikas from Panchayat

Reliable, loyal, innocent, and ever-smiling, Vikas had us grinning from the first scene to the last. Talk about being endearing. 

2. Alexis from Schitt’s Creek

Everyone needs a little dose of Alexis in their lives because that’s the kind of rib-tickling but positive vibe she gives off, every time she appears on our screen. 


3. Eric Effiong from Sex Education

Fabulous does not even begin to describe Eric Effiong, who served us the reminder that 2020 really needed, “wash your hands, you dirty pig!”


4. Doug Judy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Gina may be the sassiest, Rosa the coolest, and Jake the funniest, but no one can get you smiling faster than Doug Judy! 


5. Dustin Henderson from Stranger Things

Are you telling me your heart didn’t swell to twice its size each time Dustin grinned, plotted, and of course, sang his way through a crisis too huge for a pre-teen? 

We Heart It

6. Meena from Kota Factory

There are best friends, and then there are adorable friends like Meena who remind us, that there is still good in the world. 


7. Shanky from Yeh Meri Family 

The confidence and swag with which Shanky leads his life is a lesson for all of us barely adulting adults. 


8. Yorki from Jojo Rabbit

Just the thought of Yorki’s adorable smile can brighten up someone’s day, and that’s before you take in his unadulterated love for Jojo. 


9. Jason Mendoza from The Good Place

It was really hard picking a ‘good’ character from The Good Place, but who better than a seemingly quiet DJ with a heart of gold? 


10. T-Boi from Pushpavalli

First of all, naming a character who sells tea T-Boi is ingenious. But that’s not the only reason why T-Boi has us smiling. It’s also because his earnestness never fails to warm our hearts. 


11. Phil Dunphy from Modern Family

Phil Dunphy represents that family member who you go to for silly jokes and warm hugs, because they may not know the best way to help you, but that does not mean they won’t try their best to be there for you.  


12. Chitvan from Tripling

Chitvan is proof that younger siblings may know just the right buttons to push when it comes to annoying you, but they also have your back, always.


13. Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

It wasn’t easy picking one character from a show that has us smiling every time we watch it. But ‘wisdomous’ Joey, who does not share food, loves Hugsy, and would never give up on his friends will always have us smiling at, “How you doing?”


14. Michael Scott from The Office

We almost went with Jim Halpert here and that smirk has made our hearts flip a few hundred times. But when it comes to making us smile with no apparent effort, Michael Scott’s silly antics take the top spot. 


A special mention to Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye, who lights up our screens and our lives.

Any other character who leaves you smiling a little too wide? Let us know in the comments section below.