Have you ever been perceived as looking ‘sick’ when you happen to not wear wear an eyeliner one day?

If you went all ya-ya to this, then this film is for you, sister. 

Netflix film, Nappily Ever After engages with the idea of self-acceptance in face of crippling beauty standards. While exploring real-life struggles of African-American women, it targeted the idea of long straight hair as the only signifier of beauty for women. ‘Nappily Ever After’ has a thumbs up from us women for being relatable AF.

1. When Violet’s mom wouldn’t let her play in the swimming pool because water would ‘spoil’ her straight hair.

b’netflix screenshots’

2. When her mom is the one who pressures her into being perfect all the time.

3. When she is too conscious of rain ruining her hairdo instead of actually enjoying the time with her girls.

Been there, done that, sis.

4. When she wakes up before dawn to put on makeup and have a perfect ‘I woke up like this’ moment.


 5. When she is reminded that all the primping, grooming, and hot-combing has built to this moment.

 6. But later on she realises the futility of these being-perfect-all-the-fricking-time expectations.


 7. When all the built-up exhaustion comes tumbling down.

8. When she lets go of all her inhibitions, dances carefree.

When we let go of being conscious all the time, and give others a chance to see the real us, who knows, they just might like us for who we really are. Dayumn. Preach!

9. When she faces her mom about all the unrealistic beauty standards she had her put up with.

10. When she points out that women are much more than just being pretty faces.

11. When she feels ignored in the face of advertisements celebrating airbrushed women with long straight hair.


12. When she has a heart-to-heart with a woman she meets in a washroom

Nothing like bonding with women in a washroom over mutual issues. A(wo)men!

b’netlfix screenshot’

13. When she refuses to let others’ negative opinions about her define her.

14. When she jumps into the pool for the second time, this time actually letting go of everything that’s holding her back.

Here’s to self-acceptance which is not bound to perfection. Cheers. Watch the film on Netflix here.